Christa’s Year of Weekly Giveways #44 – Two Charm Packs up for Grabs

Charm packs make me happy. Even if I don’t use them all the time, they are just so pretty to look at! This week’s giveaway is pretty straightforward. I have 2 charm packs to give away, but I’ll need a little help in deciding how to distribute them.

Kona Sunrise

I have a charm pack of Kona cotton in the Sunrise colorstory, and a charm pack of Snowbird prints by Laundry Basket Quilts (not available in shops yet)!

Moda SnowbirdSo here’s my conundrum. Should I give them away to two different winners to spread the love? After all, they are completely different styles. Or should I sweeten the pot and send them both to one person? It’s okay – you can leave me your totally honest opinion here.

Leave your answer below and I’ll pick one (or two) winners at random from all those who comment. Giveaway will run through next Wednesday, February 12th at noon. And yes, I can this ship anywhere so it’s open everyone!

Last Week’s Winners:

I had so much fun reading your comments about why you wanted to win the little Goody Bag with a big old G on the front. Many of you were so clever to remind me that Grandma also starts with a G! Good thinking!

The winners are Christa H. who does not have a G in her name but it’s still a great name. :-) Her grandson calls her “Grammer.” Too cute!

The other winner is Peggy D. who is going to give it to her daughter Gwen. Congratulations gals – they are on their way!

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378 Responses to Christa’s Year of Weekly Giveways #44 – Two Charm Packs up for Grabs

  1. Stitchgirl78 says:

    Yay! So glad to hear there were two winners! Congrats!

  2. bobbie stoner says:

    I love the Kona cottons. I think two winners would be wonderful.

  3. Linda Young says:

    Split them — make two people happy

  4. cindy lowe says:

    2 people, Share the love we need some cheer here in snowy Illinois. I would enjoy either one.

  5. ruthq2013 says:

    HI Christa,
    Wow! What a generous person you are! Thanks for the chance to win some fabric. Why not double the love and just pick one winner although, it is nice to make 2 people happy instead of 1. You are in a conundrum. That is a pretty cool word too.


  6. Helen Petrik says:

    I hope you “spread the love” . I like the Snowbird charm pack.

  7. Kristi_d says:

    Two winners!!

  8. Becky in Georgia says:

    Two different winners! Make 2 folks happy. My choice would be the new charm pack from Laundry Basket Quilts. Thanks!

  9. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I’d say share (but really I want them both!) The more winners the better!

  10. Ida says:

    Share, share, share. Better to make two people’s day!

  11. Marisa says:

    Spread the love, and thanks for the opportunity!

  12. lisa says:

    Two winners makes for twice as much happiness!

  13. Jansie Martin says:

    I like the idea of two winners. :)

  14. I’d go with 2 different winners as well. Both charm packs are fabulous!

  15. Nancy L says:

    Give to 2 winners.

  16. Karen says:

    I’m new here. I say two. Double my chance at a lot of fun fabric. I just completed a scrap quilt. A charm pack would have made it a lot easier.

  17. Janda t. says:

    Two winners!

  18. Stacy Alfano says:

    Two winners!

  19. Maria says:

    Dos winners! Kona!!

  20. Two winners are twice as fun! Thanks for the chance, Christa!

  21. wendy says:

    I say two winners! but thanks for the chance whatever you decide

  22. Lena Yakim says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Avon B says:

    I also love the colors in the kona charm pack. I would also go for two winners to spread the fun!

  24. QuiltinGram says:

    Although I would love to win is February so spread the love!

  25. Dawn Jones says:

    I would give to two winners.

  26. Lisa says:

    Hey Christa! I would share the love…2 winners. As long as I win the Kona. LOL.

  27. BarbieLu says:

    Share, doubles our chance of winning!

  28. Bethany Wells says:

    Two people because they are SO different and so are people’s tastes. I would LOVE the first pack!

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