Christa’s Year of Weekly Giveaways #51 – Aurifil Thread (3 Winners)

First of all, let me express my appreciation and amazement with the sheer number of comments I got on my giveaway post last week. With nearly 700 entries, it was my most popular giveaway ever! Be sure to scroll to the end to see who won.

I also wanted to say thanks to all those of you who scooped up many of my clearance fabrics. There’s still a ton of stuff left, so feel free to shop ’till you drop. :-) (Or at least until the credit card is maxed out!!)

20140327_aurifil_1Weekly Giveaway – Three Aurifil Thread Winners

Thanks so much to Aurifil for sponsoring this week’s giveaway! Three lucky readers will each win one of the thread kits shown, chosen at random. Each kit contains 10 small spools (220 yards each) of 50 weight cotton thread – perfect for piecing and machine quilting.

From left to right, they are Darlene Zimmerman’s colors, Everyday Color by Me and My Sister, and Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander. These are so brand-spankin’ new that I don’t even have them in my shop yet!! Here’s a little peek inside:

20140327_aurifil_2Here’s How to Enter

  • Leave a comment telling me how you like to shop for thread. Do you pick colors per project to match your fabrics, or do you like to have a healthy stash of threads on hand?
  • Comments will be open through next Wednesday at Noon.
  • Giveaway is open to everyone, near and far.
  • 3 winners will be randomly selected. Each winner will receive 1 box of thread.
  • One entry per person, please.

Last Week’s Winner

Huge congrats goes out to Teri I. for winning a bundle of Kona Solid fat quarters! Teri’s comment was, “If I were a Kona fabric it would be light turquoise. It is such a calming color.” Well, she’s probably not calm now!! Teri – I hope you make something fun!

778 thoughts on “Christa’s Year of Weekly Giveaways #51 – Aurifil Thread (3 Winners)

  1. sherrym2 says:

    I just tried Aurifil about a year ago and fell in love! I have several neutral colors on hand for piecing. I usually wait until I’m ready to quilt and then purchase what I need at that time. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this awesome thread in those gorgeous colors!

  2. Maggie Woods says:

    I am a new quilter, but am well on my way to having a good stash of fabrics for my growing list of to-sew projects. I have been using only neutral colored threads up till now but would love to use the jewels you have here

  3. Lon says:

    I would choose thread by matching it to my project that I am working on at the time. Right now my eyes are focusing on the middle group of threads because these are the colors that I am attracted to most of the time. I haven’t had the pleasure of using Aurifil yet, but I’m sure that it is a great product.

  4. anntill says:

    I just love Aurafil threads and was fortunate to win a four pack of large spools of neutrals about 4 years ago. I have been using them for piecing ever since – (those large spools seem to have lasted forever ) but now need to replace the medium grey one.

    I have masses of thread – but save the colours for my quilting and applique – variegated threads look fantastic on the right quilt and as a teacher, I encourage Sulky or Superior monofilament thread for in-the-ditch quilting. I have 3 hobbies;quilting; fabrics; and thread.

    Three years ago they did a survey in U.S saying the average quilter in U.S has 168 spools of thread – I was gobsmacked! I then counted my threads and I had then 150 but now am well past that!!

  5. dcarter57 says:

    I love to have plenty of thread choices on hand – especially the basic colors like white, black, cream, grey and red. Beyond those, I usually choose thread for the project I am working on.

  6. anneandbenhike says:

    I have a supply of basic colors but often buy thread to match my project. I also have lots of basic piecing colors. Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome threads!

  7. Natalie F says:

    I keep a decent stash but if I know I don’t have something on hand that will work for my project, I pick it up.

  8. Lin says:

    Aurifil is the BEST thrread for piecing I’ve ever used. Now I won’t consider using a substitute. I buy it in lots of neutrals for piecing, plus any color that inspires me (for quilting). I am looking forward to trying the heavier weight Aurifil threads (non-orange).

  9. kelly richardson says:

    because i’m still learning about thread I do a litle research first. mostly on facebook. So far Aurifil is my fav. I’ve never purchased any crafting supplies based on a project in mind and thread is no different. most thread reminds me of bobbles so I tend to buy based on colors that call my name. Usually they are jewel tones. That is the second best part of crafting, standing there truing to pick the threads to buy.

  10. Fiona W says:

    I do have some on hand but will buy for projects… Good thread is expensive (but worth it) so can’t buy too much at once! Can’t find Aurifil here in Tasmania so would love to try it as I have read great things about it!!

  11. Jerry Beavers says:

    I buy thread when on sale so I have quite a stash, but would love to have more. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Carole McClellan says:

    As a recent ‘convert’ to Aurifil thread I have a small stash of neutrals – and would love, love, love to add these beautiful colors to my collection!

  13. Christel says:

    I choose my threads according to what I need, but always keep basic neutral colors handy. I’ve never tried Aurofil thread, but have heard many good things about it and am anxious to try some.

  14. Carol Ann Johnston says:

    Mostly I shop online for Aurifil. That way I get a good selection, not always available at local shops.
    I keep a supply of neutrals for piecing.

  15. connie says:

    I love to collect thread just like fabric. You never know when you need a certain color so I try to get as many colors as I can especially when it is on sale

  16. Tina says:

    I will collect thread if something catches my eye, but sometimes have to choose a certain color for a certain project. I love Aurifil!

  17. patchworkrose says:

    I Shop for thread like I shop for fabric. Sometimes I have a piece of fabric to thread match other times those glorious colours just jump out and say pick me pick me so what is a girl to do. Add them to her thread stash. Can never have too much colour in your life :-)

  18. oneeasygoingmom says:

    For Aurifil thread(which honestly, is the only one I use)…..I have a supply of some basic colors, whites, tans, black, soft hues of other colors–these I use mostly for my piecing work. But when it comes time to quilt the top–I purchase a color for that project!! And what an awesome give-away–thanks for the chance!!

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