Exciting News – Craftsy is Now an Official Christa Quilts Sponsor!

Lately I’ve been approached by a few different companies wanting to sponsor my blog. In staying true to my mission to support and promote the art of quilting, I am only saying yes to those companies whose products or services I actually use (and who I would promote anyway, but I might as well say yes if they want to throw a little $$ at me!!)


With that said, I’d like to welcome Craftsy as an “official” sponsor. What this means is that a couple of times a month I will blog about Craftsy pretty much as I have been doing in the past: with class reviews, exclusive giveaways, freebies and discounts on classes just for my followers, etc. The difference is that these posts will be clearly marked as “sponsored by” Craftsy. But they will still be my own true opinions.

I’ve always believed that writing good content will pay off in the end; so it feels like a nice pat on the back that they’ve noticed my Craftsy love and are now wanting to partner up with me. :-) Let the good times roll!


Craftsy mini quilt pattern by Right Patterns


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16 Responses to Exciting News – Craftsy is Now an Official Christa Quilts Sponsor!

  1. Duane Wiley says:

    Christa, I just love your blog! You are so “real” with your articles and free with good advice and offerings. Congratulations on your new sponsors!

  2. You are rocking the quilt biz! Craftsy is lucky to have you.

  3. Karen says:

    Wonderful! You’ve earned it!

  4. Carole Hill says:

    what great news, I love all the craftsy classes that I have, and will be buying more when I can. Good Choice!

  5. kathyinmn says:

    Well I’ve taken a class on your suggestion and loved it so yay!

  6. Anne says:

    Sorry found your button. Thanks all the best.

  7. Anne says:

    Congratulations. I have tried to read your blogs or comments on Craftsy and I have forgotten how to find yours. If you have time please let me know. Thanks

  8. taylors726 says:

    Congratulations! Love Crafts! Your reviews are very helpful, & I’ve not been disappointed with any advise that I’ve followed. Though, I’m not sure my hubby appreciates it as much as I do…LOL

  9. lizdunne79 says:

    Well done! You deserve it. You work really hard on your blog.

  10. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Craftsy – good choice!

  11. darlsc says:

    Great News! Congratulations, I LOVE Craftsy and your blog! I am happy for you and look forward to more Craftsy Class Reviews and you:)

  12. Congrats Christa! I too love all things Craftsy. I have bought many of their classes and patterns. Sadly they no longer ship to South Africa but have on many occasions replied to my emails that they will be rectifying it. But alas, nothing has been done so far!

  13. Stacy says:

    Awesome news Christa!

  14. cprayerlady says:

    Crafty plus Christi guarantee “the best is yet to be.” Both have been my favorites and I am delighted. Wow.

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