Saggy Baggy Elephant Story Quilt

I finally finished a simple quilt that my friend Jessica and I have been working on. We got together one day this spring and put together the top in just under a day. Then it took me several more weeks to finish the quilting. Finally, Jessica is adding the finishing touches by hand-stitching the binding and we are going to present it to our friend later this week.

Quilt Basting

Story Quilt LabelSaggy Baggy Elephant QuiltWe started with a panel of the story-book and cut out all the pictures, then arranged them in a pleasing order. We added a sort of log-cabin frame to the blocks in matching primary colors. Then I machine-quilted around the motifs and between the blocks. It was easy to make and a friend of ours did the embroidery for the label on her Bernina. Cute, huh?

One thought on “Saggy Baggy Elephant Story Quilt

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Christa: Loved the elephant picture book quilt! How darling! I remember this book when I was a kid so this is a classic story book! Your sashing really makes it pop! I love the label, too!

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