String of Pearls Update – Giveaway Added! (Teaser Post)

For those of you doing my String of Pearls Quilt, I have some exciting news! Andover fabrics, the maker of Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelets, has generously donated a huge bundle of charm packs for me to give away! How cool is that?

Before you go any further, no, this is not a giveaway post. However, you can click here for my year of weekly giveaways. This is just a teaser to tell you what’s coming up!

Andover has given me a set of 20 charm packs from these fab four collections:

Andover Giveaway Fest

How I give them away is up to me (ooh – such power!!) so I’ve had to think long and hard about what to do.

Here’s what I’ve decided. I will give away bundles of 4 charm packs during the quilt along, as part of my regular weekly giveaways.  Here’s how I will split them up:

Andover 4 PackFor my next scheduled giveaway on June 20th, I will open it up to everyone who comments on my blog (like I usually do).  So one commenter will randomly win a bundle of 4 Andover charm packs.


Full Moon Lagoon

Full Moon Lagoon – Love it!

Full Moon Lagoon

Full Moon Lagoon Jelly Fish

Four –  yes four winners will each win a 4 pack of charms. That’s my biggest giveaway yet! And here’s the best part – it will only be open to those of you participating in my quilt along. So the odds are “ever in your favor” for your chance to win!

I will select the winners from those that finish their quilts by August 29th. So if you ever needed incentive to finish a project, this is it! I will have a some kind of linky party or quilt parade for the finishers around that time so you can show off your stuff.

So keep quilting along, share your progress on flickr, and who knows, you just may win a fabulous fabric prize!

24 thoughts on “String of Pearls Update – Giveaway Added! (Teaser Post)

  1. Ronda Trepagnier says:

    Is it too late to join? If I sewed furiously I might be able to catch up… I love the quilt design and think I have the perfect fabric for it.

  2. barbara corbitt says:

    the only reason i did not participate in the pearls qal is because i could not afford it. this was the first qal that really peaked my interest. you have such a wonderful store and such great prices

  3. Susan K says:

    I wish I had time to do the quilt-a-long but the String of Pearls quilt is on my “want to do” list. Very generous giveaway.

  4. Pam Arbour says:

    I only get to quilt on the weekends, but I am ready and anxious for this quilt-a-long. I have my fabric all cut and ready for the next step. I am already thinking about what other fabrics I could use to make another one! Thanks for the fun!

  5. Denise in PA says:

    Well, how nice of Andover and how nice of you! And, I love the incentive to get my String of Pearls done by the end of summer! Woo Hoo! Not that it’s such a hardship – I will be thrilled to be able to cuddle up with this beautiful quilt in the fall! o:)

  6. Glenda Edwards says:

    I have joined this quilt-along and really love the look of the quilt. Not sure what fabrics I will be using yet but can’t wait to get started. Just love it, and the give away would be fantastic.

  7. denise briese says:

    I work a 60 plus hour week..But I am working on your quilt a long when I have time of your jelly roll quilt along…Hope that counts. I am jealous of all you ladies that have oodles of time to quilt..Good luck to you all.

  8. Paula says:

    Wow, what a lovely giveaway to look forward to. That will keep me motivated to get my string of pearls finished on time, especially as I have a three week holiday break in the middle of the QAL.

  9. Debi Bielawsko says:

    Wow. That is great. The giveaway is supee. Do we have to so the quilt in the String.of pearla in the STRING OF PEARLS. FABRC?
    CAN WE Uae pue OWN@? Deb

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