Christa’s Quilt Along Teaser – Modern Christmas Trees Begins Soon

Are you enjoying my quilt alongs? I’ve recently completed my 6th and am ready to start number 7 – Modern Christmas Trees, shown below. Christa’s Quilt Alongs are free to anyone who would like to join in at any time – no sign up required!

(Remember to visit my giveaway post here if you are making any of my quilt alongs so you can link up for you chance to win – through 9/11!)

Modern Trees

Modern Christmas Trees by Christa Watson, Approx. 30″ x 40″

I welcome all styles and abilities of quilters and will do my best to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. I encourage you to work at your own pace and enjoy the process. 🙂

Modern Christmas Trees is based on a traditional quilt I made back in 2000 which I called “O Christmas Trees”, shown below. It never felt finished because I always worried that it needed embellishing or more quilting or something but I never knew quite what to add.

O Christmas Trees

O Christmas Trees by Christa, 2000

Yup – I was country, when country was cool!

Modern Christmas Trees is my attempt to modernize these lovely pieced trees with no embellishment required. The fabrics and quilting will speak for themselves and allow the simplicity of the design to shine!

Here’s where I got my inspiration for the solid colors I want to use in the modern version:

Moda PaletteI will try to pull solids from my stash that will closely match the colors above. You just can’t have too many solid quilts – at least I can’t. But of course it would look lovely in prints, too.

I will post full supply details along with the quilt along schedule next Wednesday, September 11th. Cutting will commence on September 25th. So stay tuned and start gathering up your favorite holiday colors. I promise, it will be done in plenty of time for Christmas! (And if you like the traditional one better – no worries – you can make that one instead!)

Tri Recs Tools

There is one ruler set you will need to purchase (or borrow) to make this quilt – the Tri Recs Tool. It’s available at a great price through Amazon, but I’m sure your local quilt shop or fabric store carries them, too.

Just for fun I was playing around with a few different layouts. Although I will just be providing tutorials on how to make my modern version above, you could certainly make it with a more traditional setting, or try a little improv by randomly sewing bits of fabric together before cutting out the tree shape. (Note to self-it’s hard to “draw” improv designs on the computer – that’s why they are called improv. :-))

Modern Traditional TreesImprov Trees

Hmm… I may have to try one of the improv blocks since hubs really likes it!

So who’s in?

69 thoughts on “Christa’s Quilt Along Teaser – Modern Christmas Trees Begins Soon

  1. liz rondellle says:

    Really like this pattern–so much that I’m making it for a Christmas charity event. Since I just cut it out quickly and not carefully I lost some of the points of the trees. So there will be red beads at the top for star. LOL Am I the only quilter to disguise a mistake?
    Happy sewing everyone.
    Liz in Carmel

  2. Mystery Hill Lois says:

    I’ve never done a QAL, and haven’t quilted in several years. Behind on this one already because I’ve been out of town, but decided in early September that I will do at least a table runner. Eager to start. Picked up some pretty fabrics at Country Fabrics at Shiloh, Ohio when I was there on Saturday. Christmas-y!! ♥

  3. Darlene Crosby says:

    Okay, I will make time to quilt along too! I think I will start with a tree table runner 🙂 Going to Amazon to get my tool.

  4. oneenglishteacher says:

    I’m planning on showing off my initial stash pull for the quilt along for a Sunday Stash posting tomorrow. Is it ok if I clip the photo of the quilt from your page and put it on my own, so people can both see what I’ll be up to and so they can be enticed to come over here and sign up themselves?

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