Mini Binding Tutorial

Remember my Modern Mini Churn Dash quilt? I’ve recently put together a tutorial on how to make a mini quilt binding to go along with the quilt. Click here for my mini-binding tutorial on the Craftsy blog.

Mini Churn Dash

Mini Churn Dash

I use mostly the same process that I do for my regular quilt bindings. However, for the mini binding, I cut the strips much narrower (1 1/4″ instead of 2 1/4″) and I use 1/8″ seams.

Mini-Churn-Dash-Binding-2The process is the same for a mini binding – just with a narrower seam and strips!

No, 1/8″ seams are not scary, they are just narrow. Most 1/4″ patchwork feet have markings on them for the 1/8″ seams, and I bet your walking foot does, too.

Just take your time and you’ll have no problems. 🙂

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