Paper Pieced Quilt Along #11 – Quilting More Wavy Lines

In the last quilt along post, I shared how I quilted wavy lines in my Deco Dresden blocks. Since there are 48 blocks in my version and each one takes me about 15 minutes to quilt, I’ve given myself an extra week to finish this up. Not to mention the fact that I ran out of Aurifil thread and had to get more. Since I store all of my products in the Amazon warehouse, I had to ship myself a spool of thread and wait a few days to get it; prime shipping isn’t available for returns of my own items, LOL!!

wavylines_outofthreadI ran out of thread so I’m waiting patiently for more!

This week I wanted to show you a more detailed picture of how I cross over and quilt all of the blocks continuously without breaking thread. In the picture below, look at the very tip of the bottom block. I quilted the last line of quilting so that it went up and touched the block above it.

Then I quilted a wavy line (in the orange section) until I got to the bottom of that block. I stitched over in the ditch to the edge of the block (to your left when looking at the pic below). Then I quilted wavy lines across each section and repeated the process when I got to the outermost blade.


My biggest tip for quilting the wavy lines is try to only quilt for an hour or two per session. Or even if all you’ve got is 10-15 minutes – try to knock out one block at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be done!

Share your progress

Whether you’ve jumped in now, or have been following along the whole time, I invite you to share your progress over in my Facebook group: Quilt With Christa. I love seeing all the different versions!

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