Modern Puzzle Quilt Part 1 of 3 – Get the Free Pattern!

Now that I’ve sufficiently recovered from quilt market and my fabric is starting to arrive at quilt shops, I can finally start sharing more about quilts made from Modern Marks. First, I’ll start with Modern Puzzle, my free pattern for newsletter subscribers. (If you are already a subscriber, it’s been emailed to you in this week’s newsletter!)

Click here to get the free Modern Puzzle pattern.

Modern Puzzle by Christa Watson

Because I want to share more about the process of making this quilt so you can easily whip one up for yourself, I’m sharing about the making of this quilt over 3 posts. Today you can get started making the quilt top.

Then next week, I’ll share a tutorial on how to baste it using my wall basting method. I’ll cap off the week with a final “ta-da” finish along with some machine quilting tips, so you can finish it up in no time! So stay tuned for the fun and think of it like a “mini” quilt along that you can do at your own pace, on your own time!

Modern Puzzle Using Modern Marks

I used Modern Marks from Benartex/Contempo for this quilt – it’s bright and cheerful!

Modern Puzzle is a remake of the design I originally created called “Puzzle Box” that showed off some solid fabrics, but I never actually made the quilt. Now that my fabric is out there in the world, I was excited to see how well this design looks using prints!

Modern Marks Fabric

Modern Marks prints and Colorweave coordinates

Modern Puzzle is super fast and easy to make from 2 sets of precut strips – one bundle of colorful prints, and another set for the background. Benartex calls their precut strips “Pinwheels” but they are also known as Jelly Rolls, Pixie Strips, Rollie Polies, Roll Ups, etc. depending on the manufacturer. Each precut bundle includes 40 strips, 2 1/2″ x 42″.

Modern Marks Pinwheel from Benartex

For my quilt I used one Pinwheel of Modern Marks plus one neutral background bundle in gray/white that I asked Benartex to offer along with my fabric. I love how the neutrals really allow the brighter prints to pop!

Click here to get the Modern Marks Precuts.

Neutral Pinwheel from Benartex

Because the fabric images are finalized months before the fabric was ready, I was able to play around in Electric Quilt software to come up with lots of fun designs using my fabric. When I show the “real” quilt you’ll be amazed at how much it looks like the original drawing!

Modern Puzzle Free Pattern from Christa Watson

Modern Puzzle Designed Using EQ

Don’t you just love a snuggly, colorful quilt?? Full reveal coming soon!

Modern Puzzle by Christa Watson

Stay tuned next week for my tips on basting and quilting this quilt.

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