Listen to My Fun Quilty Chat with Stephanie of Make & Decorate Podcast!

I love listening to quilty podcasts and chatting about quilting to anyone, anywhere, anytime!! So I was very pleased when Stephanie Socha of Make & Decorate invited me back on her podcast for some laughs and giggles!!

The quilts shown above are different versions of my Terrace Tiles quilt pattern.

Previous Interviews

This was actually my 3rd time on Stephanie’s podcast, and it really feels like we are long-time friends now! We talked about the time she rescued me when I was stranded in Chicago, and a bit about both of our adventures with AccuQuilt.

I also gave some teasers about my next fabric line and book, too! So click any of the links below to listen in, and be sure to subscribe to her podcast for more fun episodes!

2 thoughts on “Listen to My Fun Quilty Chat with Stephanie of Make & Decorate Podcast!

  1. says:

    Good Day, I have a question. I have the following charms and would like to know if they would all work together in the pattern called “”Tidal Crossing by The Quilt Factory, circa 2017.””” Modern Mark, Gridwork, Abstract, Geo Pop, Good Vibes and Fandango. Thinking the accent color to be the dark gray/light . Haven’t figured out what the outsider border would be yet. Just would like to have you input. Thank you for your time and assistance in helping me. Denise Boysel

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