Terrace Tiles Quilts with 3 Easy Free-Motion Quilting Designs

I made these 3 versions of my Terrace Tiles quilt pattern 2 years ago when my Gridwork fabric line came out. That was right before the world shut down due to the pandemic, so I was never able to properly photograph them until now. But better late than never, right??

Click here to get the Terrace Tiles quilt pattern – paper booklet.
Click here to get the Terrace Tiles quilt pattern – PDF download.

I did take some video of myself quilting them, each with a different free motion quilting design, and a different color from my Aurifil Variegated thread collection. So click play below to watch and learn, and try them out on your next quilt!

Get the Kits!

You can still grab quilt kits for 2 of the colorways, and a custom fat quarter bundle in similar colors for the third. The hardest part will be choosing which one you’ll want to make first!

Click here to get the Terrace Tiles quilt kit in the Breeze colorway above.

Click here to get the Terrace Tiles quilt kit in the Citron colorway above.

The pink and purple colorway below is called Amethyst, and I had just the sweater to match!

I sold out of all the bundles to make this quilt exactly as shown above. But you can get a similar look using 2 of my custom color bundles in purple and pink!

Click here to view all of my custom color bundles. They are made from a mix of my fabrics!

If you choose to make this quilt, let me know! You can share your makes on social media #terracetilesquilt, or you can share pics in my ChristaQuilts group on Facebook. I’d love to see your version!!

Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Along Part 2: Sewing the Blocks

Welcome to the Blooming Wallflowers quilt along! In this week’s video I’ll show you how to sew your triangle in a square blocks that make the “wallflowers.” Grab a copy of the Blooming Wallflowers quilt pattern, then click play below to watch the video.

Click here to get the Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Kit

Sewing Tips – Match The Ends

If your units are die cut, you’ll want to match up the blunted edges. If they are rotary cut, you’ll have extra triangle tips that will need to be trimmed. Colorful patchwork is a great place to use up colorful threads and leftover bobbins, especially if they are 100% cotton!

Click here to get my Aurifil Thread kits in colors, neutrals, or variegated.

Coming Next Week…

After your blocks are sewn, we will assemble them into the quilt top, also known as a “flimsy.” Remember to take your time and sew at your own pace. My quilt along tutorials will stay up indefinitely so you can refer back to them as often as you need too!

Click here to see my design wall tutorial.

AccuQuilt Dies Used in this Quilt

Join Me For Curated Questions about Teaching Quilting!

I’m excited to announce that I’m part of an online event called “Curated Questions” brought to you by the magazine Curated Quilts. This is a series of panel discussion about different topics in the quilting industry.

Curated Questions Sessions:

  • January 18 – Teaching with panelists Irene Roderick, Carole Lyles Shaw, Christa Watson
  • January 25 – Fabric Design with panelists Carrie Bloomston, Annie Chen, Kimberly Kight
  • February 1 – Pattern Design with Nicole Daksiewicz, Mary Davis, Yvonne Fuchs, Meaghan O’Malley
  • February 8 – Book Publication with Jacquie Gering, Andrea Tsang Jackson, Riane Menardi Morrison

Click here to register for my panel – Curated Questions about Teaching
Click here to register for the entire Curated Questions event at a discount.

The best part is, you’ll have access to the recordings for an entire year, so you can refer back to them as often as you like. It should be a fun time so I hope to “see” you there!!

Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Along Part 1: Cutting

Welcome to the Blooming Wallflowers quilt along! In this week’s video I’ll show you how to cut out the entire quilt using regular rotary cutting techniques, or AccuQuilt die cutting. Watch my full length video below and let me know what questions you have in the comments.

Click here to get the Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Pattern

Triangle Tips – Cut Mirror Image Pairs

When cutting out your triangle pairs from your dark background fabric, half of them should “face” left and half should “face” right. You can tell you’ve cut the pair correctly when one pair looks like the image below.

Tips on Cutting Setting Triangles

Because Blooming Wallflowers is set on point, you’ll want the outside edges to be on the straight grain. The corner triangles (below left) are cut so that the top and side edges are on the straight of grain. The side triangles (below right) are cut so that the long side (on the top of the triangle) is the straight of grain. All of this is to prevent your quilt from stretching out of shape along the edges.

Click here to get yardage of my Rainbow fabric above, while supplies last.

If you cut your setting triangles the traditional way, you’ll start with squares as indicated in the Blooming Wallflowers Quilt pattern. If using the Setting Triangles AccuQuilt Die, you’ll cut strips parallel to the selvage. Both ways will produce the correct triangles needed.

Share Your Progress #bloomingwallflowersquilt

Which cutting method do YOU plan to use? I’d love to know. Leave a comment or question here on the blog. Or share on your favorite social media channel. I’m here to cheer you on each step of the way!

Once your units are all cut, it’s time to sew up the blocks, so meet me here again next week!

Learn How to Quilt with My Craftsy Classes

One of the most fun things I love about teaching others to quilt is seeing their joy when they successfully learn to make a quilt from start to finish! I know not all of you can come see me in person, so that’s where my online videos come in.

Christa Quilt Teaching

I’ve filmed 3 comprehensive video classes with  Craftsy along with being featured in a compilation video hosted by Angela Walters. So let me tell you a little bit about each one:

The Quilter’s Path – Learn how to Machine quilt

Click here to view the trailer for The Quilter’s Path.

Christa Quilts Machine Quilting

In my class, The Quilter’s Path, I teach you how to practice some of my favorite walking foot and free motion designs. Then I show you how to quilt them on a REAL quilt! In fact, I show three different versions of the same quilt, quilted three different ways.

The class includes the pattern to make the pinwheel quilts you see in the photo above as well as lots of different motifs to try. It’s the next best thing to taking a class from me in person!

Click here to get my class The Quilter’s Path

Christa Teaches Machine Quilting

Startup Library: Quilting – Make an Entire Quilt

Click here to view the trailer for Startup Library: Quilting

Christa Teaches

In Startup Library Quilting, I teach you how to make an entire quilt from start to finish. This includes ALL of the steps: setting up your sewing machine, choosing materials, cutting, piecing, basting, machine quilting AND binding. It’s over 6 hours of video content along with the pattern booklet to make the Friendship Stars quilt shown above.

I’m really excited that I was able to include my spray basting technique in this class, and students have told me it’s worth the price of admission just for that video tutorial! I also show how to do a couple of very easy machine quilting designs that are perfect for beginners. If this is your very first quilt or you’ve made dozens before, this class is perfect for getting started, or filling in the gaps of your quilting knowledge!

Click here to get Startup Library: Quilting

Quilt Basting with Christa

Startup Project: Starry Path Quilt

Click here to view the trailer for Starry Path Quilt

Starry Path Quilt with Christa Watson

The Starry Path quilt is a great follow-up to Startup Library, because I again walk you through all the quilt-making steps for this quilt, with a focus on how to get perfectly pieced points! I was able to include a bonus section on quilting the quilt with a fun swirl design and I throw in lots of extra tips and tricks along the way.

The class includes the Starry Path quilt pattern and you’ll learn accurate ways to piece two of my favorite star blocks from basic units that you can add to your library of piece-making skillz!

Click here to get the class: Startup Project: Starry Path Quilt

Starry Path Quilt

28 Days to Better Free Motion Quilting

Many of you know I wrote an indepth machine quilting book with Angela Walters, called The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. It’s been well-received and gives you lots of practical advice for quilting your quilts – plus 10 full-size quilt patterns for you to make.

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Christa Watson and Angela Walters

Click here to get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

In 28 Days to Better Free-Motion Quilting, Angela has assembled 28 machine quilting tutorials from among the Craftsy library of classes. The idea is to learn one quilt design a day for 28 days. 3 of my designs were included (from my Quilter’s Path and Startup Library classes) plus a whole host of ideas from other designers.

My favorite part of this class is seeing Angela’s version of each of the 28 designs she stitched. And even if you already own the classes featured, it’s a great way to get a sampling of designs AND teaching styles from 11 different instructors.

Click here to view the Trailer for 28 Days to Better Free Motion Quilting.

Learn to Free Motion Quilt

A Note About Commenting on the Platform

Although I absolutely LOVE to engage with my students, just know that I won’t be able to see the class comments. So feel free to reach out to me anytime on my blog, social media or through my website. I’m always happy to hear from you and cheer you on in your quilting efforts!

Learn to Quilt with Christa

Links at a Glance

Blooming Wallflowers QAL Fabric Prep

I’m going to officially start Blooming Wallflowers quilt along next week since I’m waiting on a cutting mat from AccuQuilt before I can finish up the first video. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you don’t miss a thing. In the meantime, you can start prepping your fabrics. I like to prewash and starch yardage (not precuts), so check out my bonus video below!

Bonus Starching Video

I prefer to starch my fabrics before cutting. Click the image below to watch! I’m demonstrating using Good Vibes fat quarters.

AccuQuilt Dies Used

If you’d like to use die-cutting techniques to cut out your entire quilt, here are a list of the specific dies I used. Click each of the links below to learn more about that die.

Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Kit and Pattern

Click here to grab the optional Blooming Wallflowers quilt kit while supplies last.
Click here to purchase the Blooming Wallflowers print pattern.
Click here to purchase the Blooming Wallflowers PDF pattern.

Other Important Links:

Click here for the Blooming Wallflowers landing page & QAL schedule
Click here for the complete Blooming Wallflowers materials list
Click here to share your progress in my Christa Quilts group on Facebook

New Video: Spray Basting Tutorial

Whenever I share about my spray basting process, I get all kinds of great questions, so this week I put together a comprehensive video showing my method. I’m demonstrating on 3 different quilts: my smaller version of Modern Logs, my larger Hashtags quilt, and an older quilt called Improv Squares. Check out the video below and please let me know if you have any questions!

Get the Quilt Kit or Pattern

Click here to get the complete kit to make Modern Logs, made from Black, White & Bright
Click here to get the Modern Logs quilt pattern – paper booklet
Click here to get the Modern Logs quilt pattern – PDF download

Click here to get the complete kit to make Bling-Hashtags layout
Click here to get the Bling quilt pattern – paper booklet
Click here to get the Bling quilt pattern – PDF download

Click here to get the Improv Squares quilt pattern – PDF download
Click here to choose your favorite 10″ squares bundle

Improv Squares Quilt Pattern using Modern Marks Fabric

Celebrate the New Year with 4 Free Quilt Patterns

What better way to ring in the new year, than with 4 fabulous and free quilt patterns, just for you! In case you haven’t visited my free quilt patterns page, check out each of the PDF downloads below and get ready for a quilty new year!

Free Quilt Pattern: Stacked Bricks

Made from one Black, White & Bright Strip Roll, or 1/2 Strip Roll + Rainbow Fabric.

Click here to get my free Stacked Bricks quilt pattern. You can choose from three different layouts shown above, each made from 2 1/2″ precut strips.

Use the full jelly roll for option 1. Or pair up 20 strips of light or dark prints with a contrasting light or dark background for options 2 or 3. No matter which one you choose, it will look fabulous indeed!

Free Quilt Pattern: Puzzle Box

Made from 2 Good Vibes Jelly Rolls (half light/half dark).

I design most of my fabric lines to have a colorful variety of lights and darks. So this pattern is the perfect match for any of my designer jelly rolls, but it still looks great in any fabric combo with good light/dark contrast.

Click here to download my free Puzzle Box quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: Beaded Lanterns

Made from one Fandangle Strip Roll + 4 Yards of gray background fabric.

Click here to download my free Beaded Lanterns quilt pattern.

It includes a step-by-step quilting plan, too! Although I made it with the light gray confetti crosshatch print shown above, you can use the darker version, too. Or go super scrappy with leftovers from your stash!

Free Quilt Pattern: Rainbow Taffy

Made from a Rainbow of Colorful Prints!

Rainbow Taffy by Christa Watson made from Modern Marks

The version of Rainbow Taffy shown above was made from charm packs of my very first fabric line, Modern Marks. Sadly, it’s out of print, but it would look fabulous remade from some of my custom color bundles in rainbow order!

Click here to download my free Rainbow Taffy quilt pattern.

I hope you enjoy these free quilt patterns! If you make any of them, be sure to tag me on social media #christaquilts. Or share pics in my ChristaQuilts Group on Facebook. I’d love to see!

10 Days Until Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Along!

We are just a week away from the end of the year (thank goodness!) and just over a week away from the start of my Blooming Wallflowers quilt along! Here are a few reminders as we anticipate this super fun event!

Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Along

I’m going to be posting updates each week in all the places. That means if you follow me here on the blog and are reading this, you don’t have to do a thing. Just keep reading my blog! I’ll also be sharing the same info in my newsletter, youtube, facebook and instagram.

That may seem overwhelming, but it’s really not. Not everyone follows me everywhere, so I don’t mind reformatting the info to meet everyone where they are at.

And if you DO follow me in more than one spot, it will be a good reminder to keep you moving along. To recap, here are a roundup of links to all of the important info so you are ready to begin, starting on January 3rd. I can’t wait!!

I will be making this version above, from my Black, White & Bright fabric line for Benartex.

Machine Binding Quilting Tutorial: New Videos Each Week!

I recently made a “grand plan” for my social media including more blogging, YouTubing, instagramming, and more. Part of that plan was to release a new video tutorial each week! Subscribe to my ChristaQuilts YouTube channel to get instantly notified when a new one drops. My latest tutorial shows how to machine bind a quilt 2 different way. Click below to watch:

The two quilts I’m showing in this video are Color Weave and Infrastructure.
Click here to grab the PDF quilt patterns to make one just like it.

If you have any questions about my process, please leave them in the comments and I’m happy to answer. Each weekly video will be around 10-11 minutes in length, and I have so many more fun ideas planned, so stay tuned!!

Color Weave Quilt by Christa Watson

Color Weave Quilt
Click here to get the Color Weave quilt pattern – PDF version.
Click here to get the Color Weave quilt pattern – paper booklet version.

Infrastructure Quilt by Christa Watson
(Designed by Heather Black)

Infrastructure Quilt using Geo Pop

Click here to get the Infrastructure quilt pattern – PDF version.
Click here to get the Infrastructure quilt pattern – paper booklet version.

By the way if, you do make quilts from any of my tutorials or patterns, I’d love to see them. Please share over in my ChristaQuilts Facebook group, or tag me @christaquilts on Instagram. I love to see what you are doing!!