Get My First 3 Machine Quilting Books for just $19.95 Each

Can you believe it’s been over 6 years since I wrote my very first quilting book? Back in 2015 I was so thrilled to launch my national career with what I considered my textbook for my quilting workshops, Machine Quilting with Style. It was soon followed by The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting in 2016 and Piece and Quilt with Precuts in 2017. Then I took a break from book writing to design fabric. Now I’m back to both and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Click here to grab your signed copy of my books for just $19.95 each.

Machine Quilting Books by Christa Watson

But the time has now come to clear out the old to make way for the new. Just in time for the holidays, you can get any of my first 3 books for just $19.95 each, and I’ll be happy to sign them for you!

If you are missing any of them, now’s your chance to complete your collection. Take a look at each of the collage images below, for an overview of the projects included in each book.

Click here to grab my machine quilting books on sale, while supplies last.

They each include step by step instructions on how to make a complete quilt, from start to finish – including machine quilting plans and diagrams. Writing these books has helped me become a better teacher. My hope is that by reading them, it will help you become a bette quilter!

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite book, or a favorite project from one of the books. Each time I hear that it makes the machine quilting process easier, that’s like music to my ears!!

Get My Free Quilt Pattern! Stacked Bricks made from Black, White & Bright

Whenever I release a new fabric collection, I always like to include a bonus free quilt pattern to go along with it. My freebie for my latest quilt collection is called “Stacked Bricks” and it’s made from 2 1/2″ precut strips of Black, White and Bright.

Get My Free Quilt Pattern and Fabric to Make It!

Click here to get Stacked Bricks Free Quilt Pattern
Click here to get my Black, White & Bright Jelly Roll

As you can see from the images above, I’ve designed 3 different versions of this quilt. You can make it with all dark strips plus a contrasting light background, all light strips with a contrasting dark background, or a scrappy look with light AND dark strips. The lap size measures 45″ x 62″ but you can easily make it larger simply by adding more strips. It’s a very versatile design!

Click here to get Stacked Bricks Free Quilt Pattern
Click here to get my Black, White & Bright Jelly Roll

I hope you enjoy making this quilt. If you’d like to share on social media, please use the hashtag #stackedbricksquilt so others can see your beautiful work!

If you’d like to help support everything I do here on the blog, be sure to grab some of my newest fabric collection. As you can see below, it plays really nicely with Good Vibes which was my previous line.

Fabrics shown are Good Vibes above and Black, White & Bright below. Bright rainbow-colored prints are my fave!!

Save the Date: Benartex Virtual Fabric Show is Nov 16!

The one good thing that has come out of pandemic/lockdown times is more companies embracing online events. I’m excited to be part of Benartex’ next Virtual Fabric Show on November 16, 2021. The fun begins at 10 am EST.

Click here to register for the FREE virtual fabric show!

Here’s the schedule of events for that day. I’m excited to talk more about my new fabric line, Black White & Bright. But you’ll be inspired by all of the other fabric designers, too! We all have our own unique style and I love seeing what they create. I hope to see you there!!

Create More. Consume Less.

Well hi all! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted regularly on my blog. Like so many of you, the past year or so has been a crazy time for sure. Throw in some deadlines, some life circumstances, and some general malaise, and that’s a great excuse to not share here as much as I usually do.

This is the most important page of my strategic planning notebook.

The good news is that I recently completed a big project (more about that later) and I finally have more time to get back to what I enjoy doing – making fun quilts and tutorials and sharing them with you all! I recently sat down and did a little thinking and strategic planning which basically boiled down to this: I need to create more and consume less. That’s the secret to a happy, quilty life I think!

This represents “What I did over my Pandemic Vacation…” More about this coming soon!!

More Online Video Content Coming Soon!

The other thing I realized is that I need to get over my fear of imperfection and create more fun, free YouTube videos for you all. It’s one thing to film them professionally in a studio and quite another to do them in my own studio with a production team of 1 – yours truly!

But I have a whole boatload of ideas on what I want to share with you all, so I’ll get started on that soon, whether or not they look professionally edited. As I say with quilting, finished is better than perfect, right?

Thanks to Susanne Shultis Photography for new headshots taken in my home studio!

In addition to more video content, stay tuned for more quilt patterns, more quilt alongs and loads of quilty inspiration. I’m still putting some finishing touches on some new products behind the scenes (can we say new sewing table anyone??). Plus a few more things that will be launched into production once supply chains and shipping is under control again! In the meantime, click the links below to browse some other fun places I like to share:

Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel and catch up on my old videos while you wait for more!

Click here to join my Christa Quilts Group on Facebook and share what you are currently working on!

At a minimum, you’ll be hearing more from me here on the blog and I can point you to all the right places once new things are announced. I can’t wait – and please let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to learn or see more of. I’ll do my best to accommodate your request.

Who’s Up for a Design Challenge? Show Your Creativity with my Black, White & Bright Collection

I have 2 super fun things to talk about today, both involving Electric Quilt.

First of all, I’ve partnered with them on a design challenge, featuring my new fabric collection, Black, White & Bright from Benartex.

During the month of November 2021 you can head over to the EQ blog to download swatches of my newest line and design an original quilt to enter into the contest.

Click here for complete details to download swatches and enter the contest!

2 lucky winners will each get a bundle of Black, White & Bright – how cool is that??

Click here to get Black, White & Bright Precuts, Bundles & Yardage

The second EQ news is that I’m featured over on their blog as one of their “Pearls of Wisdom” celebrating 30 years of EQ! I’ve used the software since before the beginning of my quilting career and I currently use EQ8 to design ALL of my quilt patterns. I couldn’t design without it!

Free Quilt Pattern!

Whenever I design a new fabric line, I include a free quilt pattern to go with it, designed in EQ8 of course! Here’s my free Pattern, Puzzle Box, recolored in my Black, White & Bright collection. This really plays up the black, white and grays in the group – don’t you think? It just takes 2 jellyrolls to make it with half light/half dark fabrics.

Click here to get my Free Puzzle Box Quilt Pattern

Click here to get the Black, White & Bright JellyRolls to make this quilt.

Preorder My New Fabric Line & Get Free Shipping!

I’m so excited to introduce my 7th fabric line with Benartex, called Black, White & Bright!

Click here to view and preorder my Black, White & Bright fabric line from Benartex.

It’s a cheery collection that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I have a thing for black and white prints but as I started designing this group, I knew that I needed to add a pop of color to it. So I started with a base of black, white and grey below….

Black, White & Black: Gray Fabrics

Then I wanted to add in some more low volume prints that can work well as “light” backgrounds…

Black, White & Bright: Low Volume Prints

And finally, I added in some bold, bright, saturated colors to round out the collection…

Black, White & Bright: Saturated Colors

Get Free Shipping On Fabric by the Yard!

For all you early birds out there, I’m offering a pre-order special now through October 31st!! Get any of the 20 Black, White and Bright prints by the yard and receive FREE US shipping with NO coupon required. How cool is that???

Click here to PreOrder Black, White & Black Fabrics by the yard with Free US shipping!!

I’ve also grouped the entire line into two bundles – lights and darks. You can order a full yard bundle, or a half yard bundle, and those qualify for free US shipping, too!!

Click here to order the Light Bundle of Black, White & Bright – Choose 1/2 yard or Full Yard cuts.
Click here to order the Dark Bundle of Black, White & Bright – Choose 1/2 Yard or Full Yard Cuts.

I hope you love using these fabrics and much as I enjoyed designing them. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what you can make with these fabulous fabrics. I’m excited to dive in and start using them and sharing my process with you!!

How to Make a Pieced Quilt Backing Tutorial

This is my favorite way to use up leftover scraps while making an interesting quilt back! Below is a roundup of some of my favorite pieced backs that I’ve made over the years. Click each of the links below to get instructions on how to make the quilt back (or front)!

Modern Logs Quilt Leftovers

Click here for the Modern Logs quilt backing tutorial.

I made this one from my Good Vibes scraps plus a few leftover strips of my other fabric collections.

Pieced Quilt Backing

Bar Graphs Pieced Backing

This was the pieced backing for an early version of my Charming Chevrons Quilt pattern. I love how the machine quilting lined up on the back – that was purely accidental and not planned!

Click here for the pieced quilt back tutorial.

Quilt Back

Leftover Fat Quarters Pieced Quilt Back

This black and white backing used up leftover fat quarters for one of the quilts in my first book, Machine Quilting with Style. The front of the quilt is called Lightning and it was a modern take on a rail fence design in black and white with a pop of yellow.

Click here to download the free PDF pattern for this pieced quilt back.

Surplus Strips Pieced Backing

While I don’t have step by step tutorial for this one, I used up leftover blocks from the front combined with larger chunks of fabric in coordinating colors. This is an easy way to add a pop of interest to your back, and it’s much faster to piece together.

Click here to get my Surplus Strips digital quilt pattern.

Shades of Gray Pieced Quilt Back

Sometimes I will sketch out exactly how I want the pieced quilt backing to look in EQ8. This can more easily help me figure out the dimension to cut each piece. See the before and after pics below:

Shades of Grey Backing
Click here for the tutorial and dimensions to cut for my Shades of Gray pieced backing.

I hope you enjoyed that walk down memory lane. I want to know – have you ever made a pieced quilt back before? If so – how did you like it?

Now it’s time for me to go make some more pieced backs – and fronts!! Happy quilting, friends!!

Add Some Color to Your Stash!

One of things I love most about being a fabric designer is creating fabrics to add to my own personal stash. Although I’ve now designed 6 fabric lines for Benartex (#7 on the way soon!!), I really just look at it as a continuation of one large collection, LOL! To help you fill out the rainbow in your stash, I’ve created custom color bundles from a mix of all of my fabric lines.

Click here to grab your favorite fat quarter color bundle!

Red Fat Quarters

My red color bundle includes fabrics from Abstract Garden, Geo Pop, Gridwork & Good Vibes

Orange Fat Quarters

My orange color bundle includes fabrics from Fandangle, Abstract Garden, Geo Pop & Good Vibes

Yellow Fat Quarters

My yellow color bundle includes fabrics from Geo Pop & Good Vibes

Green Fat Quarters

My green color bundle includes fabrics from Geo Pop, Gridwork & Good Vibes

Medium/Dark Blue Fat Quarters

My medium/dark blue fat quarter bundle includes fabrics from Abstract Garden, Geo Pop & Gridwork

Light Blue Fat Quarters

My light blue fat quarter bundle includes fabrics from Abstract Garden, Gridwork & Good Vibes

Pink Fat Quarters

My pink fat quarter bundle includes fabrics from Fandangle, Abstract Garden, Geo Pop & Gridwork

Purple Fat Quarters

My purple fat quarter bundle includes fabrics from Abstract Garden, Geo Pop and Gridwork

Black, White & Gray Fat Quarters

My neutral fat quarter bundle includes fabrics from Fandangle, Geo Pop, Gridwork and Good Vibes

Which bundle is your favorite? Which colors would you like to see more of? Leave me a comment – I’d love to know!!

Join Me for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show March 2022!

Save the date: registration for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show opens Sept 7, 2021 and the show itself takes place March 3-5, 2022.

I’ll be teaching 3 full day workshops and I can’t wait! Check out my schedule below:

Thursday March 3, 9-5 PM Walking Foot Wonders

Detail shown is Wavy Grid motif stitched on Bling quilt pattern.

Learn to stitch beyond the ditch and unleash the power of your walking foot to quilt modern or traditional designs. Walking foot motifs to be taught include: wavy lines, decorative stitches, irregular grids, large continuous spirals, several straight line variations, and more! You’ll leave class armed with the confidence that yes, you can quilt your own quilts! Class will also include a discussion on basting, favorite tools and supplies that make the job easier, plus tips for putting it all together on a real quilt.  Students should be comfortable with their sewing machines and will practice on their own pre-basted fabric and batting samples.

Friday March 4, 9-5 PM Free-Motion Favorites

Detail shown is Jagged Stipple motif stitched on Terrace Tiles quilt pattern.

Embrace perfectly imperfect quilting! That means little to no marking, and a whole lot of gorgeous texture. Ease into free-motion quilting with asymmetrical wavy lines, then move onto loops, traditional and modern stippling, plus curvy fillers like wishbones and cursive l’s that can expand to fit any space. Finish it off with several swirl variations, and you’ve got a toolbox of motifs to try on your next quilt! Class will also include a discussion of basic free-motion quilting tips and tools, plus figuring out how to combine motifs together in the same quilt. Students should be comfortable with their sewing machines and will practice on their own pre-basted fabric and batting samples.

For both of my machine quilting classes, we will be working from my latest book, 99 Machine Quilting Designs. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, you can order your signed copy of the book here.

99 Machine Quilting Designs
My 4th book, 99 Machine Quilting Designs was published by Martingale/That Patchwork Place in 2021.

Saturday March 5, 9-4 PM Improv Piecing – Modern Logs

Modern Logs Quilt Top
Modern Logs Quilt Pattern made from Good Vibes Fat Quarters

Put a modern spin on a classic block while you learn to create improvisationally pieced Log Cabin blocks. Choose two sets of fabrics that have good contrast, such as lights and darks. You’ll need 10 fat quarters of assorted lights and 10 fat quarters of assorted darks to make the 48″ x 54″ quilt. Pattern is required and includes additional sizes. Suitable for all skill levels.

A copy of my Modern Logs Quilt Pattern is required for the class. Click here to get the optional Modern Logs kit.

Be sure to leave a comment letting me know if you plan to attend. I’d love to see you there!

Click here for complete workshop details, schedules and instructors for IHQS.

I’m Now an AccuQuilt Go! Getter!

I’m so thrilled to let you know I’ve just partnered with AccuQuilt to be one of their newest brand ambassadors. When they invited me to be a Go! Getter, how could I say no?? After all, I’ve been admiring their cutters and dies for a looong time and now is finally the right time to start investing in their system.

I received my first box of goodies recently, so I made an ”unboxing” video to tell you all about it. Check it out on my YouTube channel here:

Here are all of the die bundles included in the video (affiliate links):

Click here to learn more about the Go Big Electronic Starter Set.

Click here to learn more about the Go Qube Mix and Match 12″ Block Set

Click here to learn more about the Angles Companion Set for 12″ Blocks

Click here to learn more about the Corners Companion Set for 12″ Blocks

Click here to learn more about the Go! Me Die Cutter

Click here to learn more about the Go Qube English Paper Piecing 1″ Sides

Click here to learn more about AccuQuilt patterns and books

So What Does a Go! Getter Actually Do???

This is a fancy way of saying I’ll be working with their dies and cutters, designing patterns using their dies, and generally sharing about my adventures with this awesome system. I hope you’ll follow me in my journey. It’s going to be great!!! So now I’m curious – what’s YOUR favorite die shape or block? Please leave me a comment and let me know!!