Prepping for Sewing Summit and a New Project Start

I’m so excited that I’ll be leaving for Sewing Summit in Salt Lake in just a couple of days. I spent the weekend gathering my supplies and making a list of what to work on so I will be prepared for non-stop sewing fun!

Ryan's ChevronsFirst up on the agenda is this new chevron quilt that I’m going to make for my 13 year old son.  It’s very similar in construction to my Charming Chevrons quilt, with different color placement and larger finished HST’s so it should be pretty simple to sew. I might tweak it a little to fit his twin-sized bed. I’ll probably end up calling it “Double Chevrons.”

We recently cleaned up my son’s room and put up new shelving as part of my sewing space redo. Since I moved his Legos out of my sewing loft, I had to give him more space to store his stuff! He has an electronic drum set that takes up most of his room (yes – I’m that kind of mom!) so we really need to cozy it up a little.

Room decor

DrumsI decided he needs a new quilt that matched the color scheme of his room. He’s into Yugioh, drums, space, and Tron. Fortunately, the furniture and decor in his room blend together in a nice palette of black, blue, grey, and cheddar. I told him that I get to design the front, but he gets to choose the back.

Kona Fabric PullSince I created the design in EQ7 I was able to print it off in color and pull matching Kona Solids to match (one of the perks of having a fabric store in the house).

Yugioh Be SheetI found this fabulous Yugioh sheet online for a song that I will use for the backing (thanks to a bit of google searching).

He was way excited about that.  I get to make a fun quilt and he’s happy with the backing and colors so it’s a win-win!

Next up, I’m going to try my best to finish up my Sunday Sling bag that I started in a class over 2 years ago! Each time I go to a retreat or quilting event I’m so jealous of all the cute hand-made bags everyone is wearing. This is how far I’ve gotten in 2 years, LOL!

Sunday SlingI’m just not into 3-D sewing – I’d rather make nice, flat quilts. But, I decided I better buckle down and finish this UFO so I have something to strut. And besides, if it turns out to be a disaster, I’m sure I can just buy one on etsy! 🙂

So wish me luck as I frantically try to get ready this week. I’ve posted a list of classes I’m taking here and I’ve already heard from a few other blogger friends who are going – it’s going to be great!

Charming Chevrons Followup #3

It’s so fun to see how everyone’s Charming Chevrons quilts are turning out. Keep emailing me your photos and I’ll be glad to share them here on my blog.

Kathie from California has worked ahead and has completed her lovely chevron quilt top in shades of black, white, and grey. She changed her quilt top up a little by sewing larger blocks and making her top narrower but longer.

She asked about border ideas. I think she could add a thin strip of black and then use her leftovers to make a scrappy pieced border like piano keys or flying geese. Any other ideas??

Kathie's Chevrons

Ellen from Oklahoma was so excited about this project that she’s already completed her first baby chevrons quilt and is now making another. She made her first quilt using one novelty focus fabric featuring owls for the zig zags with a cream background.

Ellen's Chevrons

Owls CloseupI love how she chose the green solid border and the pink binding fabric to pull it all together.

She paper pieced the 3 1/2″ blocks using triangles on a roll.

At left is a closeup of her gorgeous background quilting.

She stitched circles and loops with pink thread in the background and outlined the chevron blocks.

I’m going to do some similar pebble quilting with straight lines for my version in 2 weeks.

Finally, here’s the next chevron quilt Ellen is working on using a pink cupcake novelty fabric and solid white background. This time she cut her triangles from 6 inch squares to start with.

Cupcake ChevronsIf you want to make a similar chevron quilt using just one fabric for the stripes and one fabric for the background you would need about 2 yards of each. Here’s a link to my original Charming Chevrons supply list and sewing schedule.

For those of you wondering why I don’t just have a link up party, or use Flikr, that’s because eventually, I’ll be hosting the blog myself on its own domain which means I’ll have a lot more flexibility and control over the blog and what bells and whistles we can offer. Jason’s working on that right now but we are still a few weeks away from the big rollout. So more on that later…