Hi! I’m Christa and I love to quilt!

I began my love of quilting in 1994 when a sweet lady from church taught me how. I quickly fell into teaching and later opened up an The Precut Store to help support the habit.

My husband, 3 kids and I all work, learn and play together in our fun, but not necessarily organized home.

I am a budding imperfectionist and I recently found my passion with modern quilts. I love bold, bright colors, clean geometric lines, and negative space with ample room for extensive machine quilting. I adore machine applique, too!

I want to inspire others to find joy in creating their own quilts from start to finish. I do all of my own sewing and quilting on a BERNINA and nothing beats the satisfaction of saying, “I made it myself!”

The beautiful pictures I use on this site were painted by my talented friend Sabrina Vincent. Please see her latest creations on her blog, SLOVLY.com.

Already late for the party, Christa realized she didn’t have a stitch to wear. All she needed was her magic wand (quilting needle) and there it was, a beautiful quilt skirt with many intricate stitches for her to wear.
Christa at magic sewing machine
With Christa’s new magic sewing machine, life was a breeze! Not only could it read her every thought, but there was no cumbersome pedal getting in the way.
Christa and stash
Christa knew that “she who dies with the most fabric wins,” but she just couldn’t help cutting into her stash!