Podcast Review – The Quiltcast with Amy and April

Today I’m excited to share with you another fun quilting podcast that I enjoy listening to. It’s called The Quiltcast and is hosted by Amy Ellis and April Rosenthal.

The QuiltCastI first met Amy last year when I participated in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival that she hosts twice a year. I had the great opportunity of being one of the featured quilters and I thought Amy was such a wonderful person to get to know!

Our paths crossed again when I had the chance to review her third book with Martingale, titled Modern Neutrals. Later, when I found out about Amy’s idea for hosting a podcast about quilting, I simply had to become a regular listener!

Modern NeutralsThe QuiltCast is a delightful 1/2 hour weekly radio show. As you listen, it feels as if you are involved in a fun conversation between friends.  It’s inspiring to listen to Amy and April as they share what they are working on, plus fun little “behind the scenes” tidbits here and there and how they work quilting into their “regular” lives as moms. That’s how I found out Amy is on her fourth book and April just started writing her first. How cool is that?

I love how they keep it real and they let you know that no, it’s not all hearts and roses when running your own business, but yes, they love what they do!

April's Bolster Pillow, Part of "The Pillow Collective"

April’s Bolster Pillow, Part of “The Pillow Collective”

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Amy via email about the show and wanted to share a little bit of that interview with you. My questions below are in bold and Amy’s responses are in italics.

 What made you decide you wanted to start a podcast?

I’ve noticed that for many, online time is more mobile and less in front of a computer, and I was wanting a way to communicate with followers in a more personable way, and started looking into podcasting, and a co-host. 

What is your ultimate goal for the podcast?

I really want to encourage everyone to follow their dreams, in life, quilting, wherever they might need encouragement. And give them the tools that are needed, to be the best that they can be. I hope that the sincerity is obvious in our conversations.

How do you and April decide on your topics for the week?

Our topics generally flow from our “conversations” through out the week. We are both on iMessage and chat back and forth quite a bit. Sometimes, I’ll have something specific in mind early in the week. Other times is the night before, and I’m struggling to find something great. Show topic ideas are always welcome!

With all that you manage to accomplish, how do you ever get any sleep? Just kidding on that one, but I’m sure inquiring minds want to know!

Lol – I get that question occasionally! I do sleep, but when I’m up, I’m busy!  I like to set schedules and deadlines for myself so that I can always be working toward those goals. Even if they are little goals for each day – it makes a difference!

Anything else you’d like to add?

The Quiltcast is a lot of fun, and full of information about quilting. We are committed and fully entrenched in the quilting industry, and look forward to sharing our insights, along with personal projects and how we work to get so much done week to week. I hope you will try listening if you haven’t yet!

I echo Amy’s words and encourage you to check out the Quiltcast. It’s available via iTunes and Stitcher. There’s also a player in each of the Quiltcast blog posts along with notes from the show.

Podcast Review – American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan

I love quilting. I love reading about quilting and I love looking at quilts. I also love watching quilts on TV and I love listening to people talk about quilts. One of my most favorite ways to listen to quilting is via Pat Sloan’s podcast, “American Patchwork and Quilting Radio.” Seriously guys, it’s fantastic!

APQ Radio

Pat serves up an inspiring hour-long show each week, usually featuring 3-4 guests, for about 15-30 minutes each. About 90% of the shows are live and Pat does a fantastic job rolling with the punches! The rest of the time she’ll throw in a few pre-recorded interviews such as when she travels out of town or attends fun events like quilt market. The quilt market episodes are some of my favorites because she’ll usually interview several exhibitors on the spot and it almost feels like being there!

In fact, not only do I enjoy listening to episodes while I quilt; I also enjoy listening while I run and workout at the gym. It really makes the time fly!

Listening and Quilting

Listening to Quilting – While Quilting!

I recently asked Pat a few questions about the show and invited her to share some of her most memorable moments. One of her most unique guests was Astronaut Karen Nyberg. Karen actually sewed together a block in space! Be sure to click here to see more great space hair pics plus a video of Karen in space! She’s further proof that quilting really is out of this world!

Quilting in Space

Every episode is such joy to listen to! Pat’s warm and inviting manner is so contagious and she treats the guests like they are her best friends. It’s amazing how she and her guests can describe their quilts and quilting processes without the aid of video! I’ve found many a fun new artist to follow and her show is very well rounded. She features the who’s who in quilting whether it’s a modern blogger, or one of the best known traditional quilters in the industry.

One of my favorite episodes was from August 2012 when Pat went to the International Quilt Convention in Africa. It was so inspiring to listen to Pat interview local African quilters and shop owners to learn more about quilting from their perspective.

Pat in Africa

Pat’s been on the radio since January of 2010 and she joined forces with American Patchwork and Quilting in May of 2011. So far, I have gone back and listened to all of the episodes since APQ began sponsoring it, and it’s been fun to listen to the evolution of quilting during that time. When Pat told me she’d been on the radio for 5 years, I thought, “perfect – that gives me lots of time to listen to quilting, while quilting!”

APQ RadioBe sure to visit Pat’s website and follow her blog so you can keep up with the latest and greatest quilting news.

Link to all of Pat’s current shows:

The early years – her first 2 1/2 years:

How about you? What are some of your favorite podcasts, quilt-related or not?