Favorite Tools – Starch and a Big Board

I am finally learning to love starch! It took me awhile to warm up to the idea but I’ve used starch on my last few quilt projects and have been pretty happy with it. Once I learned how to spray starch on the back side of the fabric and let it soak in first before I pressed the fabric, I was much happier with my results.

My good friend Alyssa from Pile O’Fabric put together these two wonderful video tutorials on how to starch your fabrics, including blocks and cut pieces.

My vote for favorite brand? Niagra spray starch. It’s super cheap and I can get it by the bundle at Sam’s Club. I was surprised at how quickly I ran through my first bottle.

Along with starch, my other favorite item to share with you this week is a Big Board. I’m sorry that I don’t have a source for them. I’ve only seen them at quilt shows and through distributors. Unfortunately they are way too big and bulky for me to carry in my store. 😦

Big Board

Big Board

If you see one out and about in your travels, be sure to pick it up. I can iron 1/2 yard length of fabric without having to move it around. Yippee! It sits right on top of my regular ironing board and I love it. When I fold up my iron for storage, the board stands right next to it.


Hi all – be sure to read all of the comments that go along with this post. Many of my wonderful blog readers have added links showing where to get one or how to make one. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge!!!