Wish Me Luck!

St. George MarathonThis weekend I’m heading north to run the Utah Valley Marathon. My first marathon was in St. George in 2009 (pictured left) in which I “earned” a foot injury that took more than a year to recover from. This time around I’ve been much more careful during my training, and have taken better care of myself.

My goal will be to finish without injury and to have a good time. I’m a little slower and still a few pounds away from my goal weight but it’s been great getting back up to speed and running long distances again. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck!

  1. Rita Goshorn says:

    You betcha! Have a good race, enjoy the thrill of competing and giving the best of yourself to the race. You’ll be running a valley race while Seward, my hometown, is preparing for the Mt. Marathon marathon. Mt. marathon sits 3000 feet over Seward and beautiful Resurrection Bay …… runners from the world over have been competing not only to run the race, but for the privilege to run it. It happens every fourth of July.

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