Charm Pack Quilts – Sew Easy Even a Child Can Do It!

Opening the SquaresJenna completed her Charm Pack quilt top!

Big Girl SewingAlmost Done!By Wednesday she was comfortable putting the squares together and sewing the rows all by herself. She had to watch out for those sticky pins and I helped guide her to keep accurate quarter-inch seam allowances.

Each time she finished a row, it reminded me of my own excitement when I finished my first quilt.

The key to success I believe was choosing a pre-cut charm pack so we didn’t even have to worry about sharp rotary cutters or scissors. Jenna chose City Weekend by Oliver + S for her first masterpiece. Isn’t it beautiful?

Finished Quilt Top Watch for part 2 of our mother/daughter sew-in where we’ll baste, quilt and bind!

7 thoughts on “Charm Pack Quilts – Sew Easy Even a Child Can Do It!

  1. Heather Campbell says:

    Hi Christa. It’s so fun to see how your little girl has grown. She reminds me of you. Thanks for letting me know about yout blog. It is eye-candy!!! I was in Vegas for a day last week but could only just visit family. It would be fun to visit your sewing room–what a cool business presence you have created!! Bravo.

  2. Sabrina says:

    I wish you could be our sewing teacher here! I bought Isabel a new sewing machine and I am struggling to be a good teacher šŸ˜¦ Jenna will always remember this time with her mom! So cute.

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