Plump, Juicy Garden-Fresh Grapes

I’m so excited – my grapes are turning into plump juicy fruit!

Before I left on vacation, I covered my grape vines with netting to to keep the birds away. When I returned I was a little worried when I saw how brown all the leaves were. I’m not sure if they weren’t getting enough water, if the net is restricting their growth, or if it’s just too darn hot!

Covered Grape VinesBut as I got a little closer I was thrilled to see plump juicy little grapes ready to harvest!

Protected Grapes

I quickly picked a bunch and shared them with the kids. They are sweet and delicious! Look how much bigger they’ve gotten in just a few weeks! I’ll leave a few on the vines and harvest some every day to see if they get even bigger.

Sweet and Juicy GrapesBaby Grapes

I call this a resounding success! Now I have high hopes for my 2 little apples growing on my tree.

Apple TreeThe pomegranates are good and hardy but the birds always pick at them because I never know when to harvest. This year, I think I’ll try the bird netting on those, too. All this fresh fruit makes for wonderful healthy snacking while sewing!!


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