Weekend Charm Pack Quilt

The most meaningful quilt I have ever helped with is this adorable charm pack quilt made by my daughter Jenna! I blogged about our sewing time together here and here. Jenna did all of the sewing, machine quilting and binding. She even won an award for it at our local show.

Jenna's Charm Pack QuiltJenna picked out an Oliver + S City Weekend charm pack with coordinating pink for the binding from my stash. For this part of our mother/daughter sew-in, we had to cut the batting and safety pin baste the layers together on our well-used kitchen table.

Trimming the BattingPin Basting.

Then came time for the most fun part: machine quilting!! Jenna was such a big girl feeding Machine Quilting Wavy Stitchesthe quilt through by herself and checking to be sure all the layers were secure.

She used a serpentine stitch to quilt between the rows of all the blocks. It’s a super cute stitch and much easier for little hands to do than stitching in the ditch.

Flannel Quilt BackingI think she liked picking out the quilt backing just as much as touching all the fabric squares. She loved the soft feel of the flannels and was thrilled two include 2 shades of pink in her quilt!

It’s fun to see the back of the quilt. You can make out the quilted design around all the squares and we were both very impressed that we actually got the back seam to line up with a row of stitching.

It makes this quilt reversible!

I helped her a lot with the binding which we did completely by machine. First we sewed the binding onto the front like usual. Then we flipped it over and stitched it down on the back using the same serpentine quilting stitch.

Machine BindingBinding by MachineDecorative Stitch BindingJenna loved sewing & is now asking when she can make her next quilt!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Charm Pack Quilt

  1. Emily says:

    This is awesome! Way to go passing on the quilting to the next generation! I’ve had my 4 yr old at the machine with me once or twice, but she doesn’t have the attention span to do much more yet! 🙂 Tell your daughter I said she did a great job!
    Thanks for linking up this week!

  2. Christa says:

    Jenna is almost 8, going on about 15 sometimes!! Great idea about the binding tutorial. I’m almost finished with my French Roses quilt. I’ll take step-by-step photos of the binding process and will blog about that soon…

  3. Heather Campbell says:

    I like the serpentine idea! I need a binding tutorial! Do you have one on your blog? I can’t remember how wide to cut the strips.

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