Treat Your Feet!

FRunning Shoesor my birthday last week, Jason bought me a pair of my favorite running shoes!

I ran a marathon back in June and went through 2 pairs of shoes during my training. Now I’m onto a lighter workout schedule (and a heavier eating schedule) so my shoes should last longer this time around.

I’m on my feet a lot whether I’m running, cutting fabric for a customer, or working on a quilt so I like to take good care of them.

One of the ways I like to dress up my feet is by wearing Laurel Burch Socks. They are very playful and fun and are a lot more interesting to wear than boring white socks! Plus they are super comfy!

Laurel Burch SocksLaurel Burch Cat Socks

2 thoughts on “Treat Your Feet!

  1. Paula J. Newbry says:

    I love these socks! I rec’d some for Christmas this past year and they are soooooooooooo comfy and help to keep my feet warm on those chilly winter days. They were a hit with all my quilting friends, too!

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