Thread Painting with Nancy Prince

I took 2 fabulous classes at Road to California.  Thread Painting with Style

They were called “Alpine Rose” and “Thread Painting is as Easy as 1,2,3”, both taught by Nancy Prince. She was an absolutely amazing instructor and I’m addicted now to her techniques. I bought her book “Thread Painting with Style” and am thoroughly enjoying reading it. You can visit her website

She made her classes both personable and fun and I learned something that I never thought I would try. It’s basically free motion embroidery and embellishing with thread.

Thread Painting ClassFree Motion Embroidery

On the first day’s class we learned how to fill in a floral design completely with thread and make a stand-alone embroidery design. The techniques were comfortable to me since I do a lot of free-motion quilting and machine applique. This was the next logical step and I can’t wait to combine it with my current work.

Tree EmbroideryFarmer ShadingBe sure to click on the pictures to see them closer up. Nancy showed an example of how shading really changes the look of a piece. It was amazing!

Christa and NancyNancy loves to combine her thread painting with beautiful landscapes which she paints or prints onto prepared for dying background fabric.

Next, we learned how to make trees and bushes. By simply following some guidelines, we were able to make very realistic-looking trees.

Her classes were well organized and included kits with the backgrounds all ready to go. At right is Nancy’s quilt that she based our second day of classes on.

Below is a tree canopy that I thread painted and some shrubbery that fellow classmate Kathy made.  Kathy was one of the first quilting students I ever taught years and years ago. It was fun to meet up with her again in class!

Thread Painted Foliage

3 thoughts on “Thread Painting with Nancy Prince

  1. Nancy Prince says:


    First of all I want to thank you for the beautiful blog about the workshops you took with me at Road. I never get tired of reading words such as the above. You did exceptional work as can be seen with your examples above. I also appreciate your helping me out during the Roundabout on Friday night. You made things run much smoother for me. I love your website and store and look forward to the day that I see your name on the Road to California faculty list. Please keep me in mind and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help or have any questions. Thanks again for all your kind words.


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