Quilt Las Vegas This Weekend!

This weekend is my quilting guild’s 22nd annual quilt show! The show theme is “Trip Around the World” and it will be held Friday through Sunday at the Henderson Convention Center. There will be dozens of vendors, over 300 outstanding quilts and dolls, with prizes for the most outstanding quilts, a fashion show, bed turning, and a mini quilt auction.

Quilt Show Check InIt was my job to get all of the quilts checked in and ready for judging. A crew of about 8 ladies met in 4 different quilt shops this past week as guild members dropped off their quilts. And that was just my committee. We had several others in charge of judging, vendors, set up etc. I learned that it’s quite a lot of work to put on such a large show!

What you don’t see behind us in this picture is stacks of beautiful quilts piling up.

The week before the show had a different task each day. Quilt delivery on Monday, judging on Tuesday,  frame set up and hanging on Wednesday, tagging & ribbons on Thursday, show opening on Friday. I’ve been so tired I can hardly think straight. But it’s been fun!

PVC Quilt Frames

Here’s another part of my crew below. We are preparing the quilts for final presentation, attaching artists’ statements to the front of the quilts and winners’ stickers so the ribbon committee can properly hang the ribbons on the correct quilts. We want no mistakes there!

Quilt HangingShow CrewAfter the final two weeks of planning, preparation, and paperwork, we are ready for the show!

My next blog entry will show pictures of some of the ribbon winners, after the show opens to the general public. Hope to see you!

2 thoughts on “Quilt Las Vegas This Weekend!

  1. Carole Liebzeit says:

    Love hearing about this show, sorry I am in Atlanta on a trip. Would like
    to participate next year as a teacher and quilt show participant. How can
    I get info? Thanks. Carole Liebzeit

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