Weight Loss Week 5 – Stay on Schedule

I love schedules! I’m a very planned person and love to organize my life. This works very well with my weight-loss plan because it’s all about scheduling my health habits. (The reason I love routines is because then I don’t have to think so much – I just have to follow a plan!!)

Anyway, I’m so pleased to say that I’ve lost another 3 pounds this week! After a disheartening zero weight loss last week, this week’s big loss brings me to a total of 10 pounds gone with about 25 more to go.  It’s all because I stuck to my routines and DIDN’T GIVE UP. (Read more about that HERE.)

Before - 1 Month Ago

Before – 1 Month Ago

10 LBS Lost

10 Pounds Gone!

Here’s an in-progress picture next to my before shot. It’s not a huge change, but the flab is starting to disappear. This is one of my favorite outfits; it will be fun to see how loose it gets!

Here are this week’s tips on How to Stay on Schedule

1. Establish a Realistic Schedule. While I cannot exercise for 4 hours a day like the contestants on The Biggest Loser do, I can get in about 45 min to an hour a day first thing in the morning. Even though I work from home, if I don’t exercise before I start my day, I get busy with other tasks and  it doesn’t happen!

2. Make Weight-loss a Priority. I love to do everything first thing in the morning: clean, work, sew, exercise. However, my number 1 goal right now is exercise so that comes first. Once I’ve lost my weight and am maintaining my fitness, I can add the other stuff back in.

3. Plan out What I’m Doing the Day Before. I know what routine I’m doing, what time to start, and who I’m working out with the day before. I set out my clothes and any equipment the night before so all I have to do is wake up and go! I also plan my meals out at the beginning of the day and I write it all down. The very act of writing down calories “magically” helps me eat less. The minute I stop recording, I start eating too much.

This last week really was a make it or break it week for me. The last few times I’ve gotten almost a month into a routine I gave up when I had a zero loss week. But now seeing it through gives me the confidence to keep going. Here’s to another great week!

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