Weight Loss Week 12 – Getting Over the Plateau

I’ve been pleased with my weight loss so far. Although I was slightly up this week, I’ve still lost a total of 16 pounds and survived a crazy eating week with family and friends in town.

It seems like it’s taken awhile to start getting to where I want to be, but the results have been worth it. Here’s how I was doing last week.

Other than my first week, I haven’t had any big weight-loss weeks. Rather, it’s been a slow and steady pound here and there, sometimes half a pound, sometimes nothing at all. But looking back after 12 weeks, the weight has come off and it’s staying off! My summer shorts are starting to fit and I’m not so embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit!

My personal mantra for keeping up with my plan consistently is to remember that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels! I heard that at a weight-watchers meeting years ago and it’s stuck with me.

Probably the hardest thing to endure is hitting a plateau so here are my tips for getting over a plateau both physically and mentally.

1. Ramp it up a bit. If my weight loss stalls or is less than I’d like for the week, that means my body is too comfortable with what I’m doing. That means I need to shake things up a bit by having a lower calorie day, or increasing the intensity my workouts for a day or two.

2. Remember that nothing happens overnight. All of the quick fixes and fad diets out there just don’t work in the long-run. What works consistently over time is healthy eating, vigorous exercise, and a stick-to-it attitude. The plateaus will come and go but my weight-loss results will stay!

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