Viva Mexico!

Mexican VacationThis week, Jason, the kids and I are on a beautiful Caribbean vacation near Cancun, Mexico.

It’s a beautiful time of year for a fun family getaway. Our family motto is “work hard and play hard” and that’s what we try to do!

With our work and school flexibility, it’s nice to be able to take off in mid-September and do a little traveling.

Spa DayThanks to great helpers at home and modern technology we can leave our shop in good hands while we are gone!

We arrived at the international airport this weekend and got right to work relaxing.

We are staying with some of Jason’s family at this cute little time-share resort.

The gals (Jason’s aunt, grandma and I) got to start off with a little spa day while the guys and kids did a little snorkeling on the beach.

Almost as soon as we got here, the kids started chasing these huge lizards that are everywhere! (Maybe they are Iguanas?? I don’t know my reptiles very well!) We are in the jungle by the beach and it looks like a scene right out of the movies.Jungle Lizards

I did all of the hard before we left, like preparing my next quilt tutorial and scheduling my weekly specials and daily deals ahead of time. This leaves me free to relax – which for me is all about dreaming up the new quilt projects I will start when I return!

Mayan Riviera Beach

I read oodles of quilting magazines on the plane ride over and am now sorry I didn’t pack a sewing machine. (Though I did bring some hand work! Hmm… sewing by the beach, now that would be fun!)

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