Quilting Retreat and UFO’s

I am having a blast this weekend hanging out with my “quilty ladies” at my quilt guild’s weekend retreat. I am getting a lot of quilting done as well as renewing friendships and making new ones. There are about 100 ladies (out of our 400 member group) attending!

Quilt Retreat 2012

I brought along two UFO’s (Unfinished Fabric Objects) to work on: My Busy Hands quilt that is taking forever to quilt, and my Baby Bricks quilt.

Busy Hands QuiltIt’s been super fun giving spontaneous quilting demos to whomever walks by and I am feeling very productive. I finished all of the straight line quilting on Baby Bricks and now all I have left to do is the binding. Whoo hoo!

Baby Bricks

I am attending the retreat with my BQF (best-quilting-friend) Stacy of Farm Road Quilts. We met about 12 years ago when we were both pregnant with our sons and have been attending the retreat together ever since. She’s getting quite a few projects done, too!

20120922_stacybricks Stacy's Dresdens

Our whole weekend consists of sewing, eating, talking and sewing some more. There are no dishes to do, meals to prepare or loved ones to care for. Our food has been catered and our retreat committee has decorated each table with quilts and bouquets that will serve as door prizes at the end. I hope I win this one!!

Quilt Centerpieces

8 thoughts on “Quilting Retreat and UFO’s

  1. stjohnmbc says:

    Sounds like you ladies are having great time. It looks as if you are getting your quilting done. I am proud of you and your quilting is great! Enjoy yor final hours.

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