Christa’s Soapbox: Let Your Voice Be Heard – Vote!

I hope everyone in the US who reads this plans on voting in the 2012 presidential election on Tuesday, November 6th (if you haven’t already done so!)

I know we quilters can be a lively bunch with vociferous opinions when it comes to sewing, and we all have our favorite techniques, styles and methods.  I’m sure it’s much the same when it comes to politics. But I’ve seen how we all come together at a rockin’ quilt show to enjoy traditional quilts to art quilts and everything in between. So I have faith that when all is said and done, no matter who wins, we will come together as a country, too! So please, let your voice be heard and cast your vote…

We wanted to get our kids involved in this great democratic process of ours, so we took them with us to vote (we have early voting in Nevada which is super convenient). The kind ladies at the polling station even gave them all stickers!

Voting 2012

Last year when we went to Washington, DC on a family vacation, we had a chance to meet up with Harry Reid (since he’s one of Nevada’s senators). We also got to have a tour of the capitol building by one of his staffers. It was a tremendous experience for us and the kids.

Washington, DC 2011

This year, when Mitt Romney came to Las Vegas for a campaign rally, we also took the kids. We were pretty far away from the stage but it was great for the kids to be a part of this experience.

Political Rally

And we had to have a laugh at some friends of ours who dressed up as Mitt and Ann for Halloween. If nothing else, the political season makes for great entertainment!

Romney Halloween Fun

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