Happy Thanksgiving!

In our family, we have a tradition of running a 5k in the morning before we celebrate the rest of the day with thankfulness. This tradition was started by my mother-in-law at least 10 years ago (or more)!

Last year, we simplified things and hosted our own 5k around our neighborhood instead of running a more formal organized Turkey Trot.

Thanksgiving Day Race

This year, friends and family showed up to run, bike, scoot, or walk around the block. My oldest son won last year’s race so he was the “turkey” to beat this year.

In addition to an active lifestyle, I have so much to be thankful for. Here are just a few on the top of my list:

  • My Family – Jason and I both run our business full-time from home and we also homeschool our kids.  We figured as long as we were going to have a crazy lifestyle,  we may as well throw that into the routine, too! It allows us to spend A LOT of time with our children and have some wonderful non-traditional education experiences, too.
  • My Faith -If the above didn’t keep us busy enough, Jason is also a Bishop for our church. What that means is he spends countless volunteer hours with members of our congregation as an unpaid clergy member. It has really helped me learn the value of service and how much Heavenly Father loves each of his children on this earth.
  • My (Quilting) Friends – I didn’t realize how much I needed friends, both to sew with and to share with. As a mom of teenagers with middle age in the not too distant future (I’m 39 & holding!), I appreciate the value of connecting with other women, both young and old who love to share my passion for art and creativity.
  • My Drive to Succeed – The number one thing I love about having my quilt shop is the satisfaction I get from seeing a happy customer. People often ask me how I have to time get everything done that I do. My answer? I don’t watch much TV and don’t spend a lot of time cleaning my house. I’d rather be doing something more productive! Nothing beats receiving a friendly email from a customer showing me their latest finished quilt.  It  makes all the hard work worth the effort.

I hope you are having a wonderful day, too!

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