Celebrity Quilter Sightings

As most of you know, I attended QuiltCon last week, the modern quilting show and conference. You can see pictures of the quilts here and read about my adventures here.

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you a few pictures of many of the “quilting celebrities” I met. These are such wonderful women and I want to be just like all of them when I grow up. As you look through the pictures, you can realize just how short I am!

Angela Walters

Christa with Angela Walters

Here’s me with modern machine quilting goddess Angela Walters. She scrunched down to make me not feel so short. Nice of my BFF to do that, LOL! (Read this post to get that!)

Quite by accident I ran into Mary Fons, while talking to her publisher, and the next day I met her mom Marianne checking out quilts at the show. I told Marianne she was the one who helped start me on my quilting journey. Fons & Porter’s Quilter’s Complete Guide was the first book I ever bought, over 18 years ago! (Too bad I didn’t have it on me for an autograph!)

Mary Fons

Mary Fons, Christa, Kristy Loeffelholz (publisher)

Marianne Fons

Marianne Fons, Christa

I was able to listen to a wonderful lecture of Anna Maria’s journey from artist to fabric and afterwards she posed with me and a couple of my buddies (Becca and Deirdre from the skill-builder BOM). She’s due now with baby #7 – whoo- hoo!

Anna Maria

Anna Maria with Groupies

I was pleased to meet Alissa Haight Carlton in person. I advertise on her modern quilting blog and I was able to tell her what a wonderful job she and the QuiltCon committee did! (And I was excited to finally see a successful quilter about my height, LOL!!)

Alissa Haight Carlton

Christa, Alissa Haight Carlton

They say tall people are more successful – well, I’ve never had a problem with my size and what I lack in height I make up for in feisty-ness!

Finally, I got to share a moment with Jacquie Gering during the show. She brought everyone to tears discussing her own personal quilting journeys and inspiration. She talked about being a “Maker” and that really resonated with me!

Jacquie Gering

Christa, Jacquie Gering

Her book, Quilting Modern (that she co-authored with Katie Pedersen) was the very first book I read about modern quilting, less than a year ago. You can read about that here.

If I can follow in any of these ladies’ footsteps, I will consider myself blessed!

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Quilter Sightings

  1. Patti Adams says:

    So jealous you got to meet some of my quilting heros. Great meeting you tonight. Thanks for the awesome pictures of Quiltcon. It looks like it was fabulous!! Hope to have some fun quilting adventures with you in the future!!

  2. dezertsuz says:

    Good things come in short packages. =) Thanks for the pictures. It’s good to know what people look like when they are out of publicity shots. =) How wonderful that you got to meet so many!

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