Winter Ski Vacation Wrap Up

We are back and well rested from our Spring Break snow vacation last week. Because we live in the hot desert, to us going on vacation means finding the snow, rather than getting away from it, LOL! We enjoyed beautiful weather in Brian Head, Utah which meant lots of wonderful white snow amidst sunny skies – the best of both worlds.

Watson Skiers

The Watsons at Brian Head Ski Resort

This was literally the view we had out of our cabin window all week long. It was the perfect setting for me to relax, get in a little design work and keep up with my email and blogging.

Cabin View

During our stay-in-the-cabin days, Jason entertained the kids by watching movies and playing games, allowing me to get in a little sewing and work on a few WIP’s and UFO’s. After all what’s a cabin vacation without a sewing retreat thrown in for fun?

Christa QuiltingGame Time

My kids all want to move someplace where there is snow. But as their mother I realize it’s only because they see it as something to play in. They’ve never shoveled it, driven in it, had to deal with the muck and the mud, etc.. etc.. Oh, to be young and carefree again!

Snow Shoeing

The family that snow-shoes together stays together!

At the end of the week, we tried out snow-shoeing, tubing and building snow caves.

Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing

Snow Cave

Snow Cave

The other snow activities were fun but I think I still prefer downhill skiing. 🙂

Christa Skiis

Christa Skiis

Now I’m happy to be back home safe and warm, ready for a week of quilting!

10 thoughts on “Winter Ski Vacation Wrap Up

  1. Joy says:

    Your vacation looks great! I live in big time snow country and can’t really imagine looking for snow on a vacation. We just got back from vacation AWAY from the snow! We live in the U.P. of Michigan. Most people don’t even realize people actually live up here but we do and survive. We have had tons of snow this winter (about 50 inches just on the ground which means hundreds of inches have fallen). Anyway, we are looking to get out of this…you’re right….to shovel it, drive in it, deal with the slop as it’s melting is another not so fun story! Beautiful here but winters are just too long. Just recently found your little fabric shop online and hope to do some ordering soon. Thanks for having such a great shop online! I look forward to shopping there!

    • mumziepooh says:

      My husband graduated from Michigan Tech – he was a ski patroller in the winter. They put the snow to good use up there, with Winter Carnival!

  2. Anne R says:

    Wow! That last picture reminded me of a modern quilt, the slope being negative space with extensive quilting.(I need a break…)

    Looks fun, anyway!

  3. quiltingrammy says:

    Looks like Prnnsylvania!! We had the snow all winter! I came to UT for my Easter vacation! Wise move on my part! Left PA on 3/26 and left the 8 inches of new snow we received the day before – behind!! I’d love it if you moved to PA with your shop!! We need awesome quilt shops!

  4. CJ says:

    Living in the snow isn’t bad at all!! Of course we live in the panhandle of Idaho and haven’t gotten much snow this year (compared to back east!!). I don’t ever have to shovel though – dh has a tractor and loves to clear snow. Driving in it isn’t so bad either, you just have the proper vehicle and learn a few things. I wouldn’t trade having 4 seasons. 😀 Looks like you had a lovely family vacation.

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