Craftsy Class Review – Machine Quilting Negative Space by Angela Walters

While I have a little down time on vacation, I thought it would be fun to review a few of the Craftsy Quilting Classes I’ve signed up for.

Quilting Negative SpaceToday I will begin with Angela Walters’ Quilting Negative Space class.

I first heard about this class months ago when it came out. I didn’t sign up for it right away because I knew I would be taking a class from her live in person earlier this year at QuiltCon. Her live class was so fantastic, that when I returned I immediately signed up for both of her Craftsy classes.

Angela Walters

Christa and Angela at QuiltCon

Since I couldn’t possibly remember everything from Angela’s live class, the online Craftsy classes are such a great resource.

I can go back to them again and again, post questions in class and rewind and rewatch any segment of the class.

Angela’s online class is different enough from her live class that I didn’t feel like I was wasting my money by taking both.

Plus her approachable manner and in-depth explanations were easy to follow.

The class is broken up into 10 segments or lessons, focusing on things such as combining designs, and changing scales.

Throughout the class, Angela demonstrates how to achieve beautiful quilting with little or no marking, which I really like.

One of the often overlooked elements of quilt design is sketching out your ideas first. Angela covers this in great detail and she includes tips on how to apply your sketched designs to the actual quilt. She covers a little about thread selection, too.

Extra QuiltingMy favorite tip of hers is to use a blending thread, whenever possible. You want the quilting texture to show, not the thread! One of my favorite designs she teaches is how to quilt flowers which I used in my Hugs ‘n Kisses quilt, above.  They are a lot easier than you might think!

Below is another of the machine quilting samples I was able to stitch after watching Quilting Negative Space. It was fun to combine the pebbles and swirls together into one motif. Angela also covers woodgrain, tiles, leaves, wavy lines, plume feathers and more.

Swirls and Pebbles

I just checked the stats on Craftsy and over 5000 people have signed up for this class so far! I enjoyed Machine Quilting Negative Space so much that I’ve already signed up for her next Craftsy class, Free Motion Quilting with Feathers (watch for my review on that one soon – it’s on sale, too!)

Angela Walters FeathersAnd oh yeah – even though Angela quilts on a long arm and I quilt on my Bernina, the design principles she teaches are easily applicable to both. If you can only afford to take one Craftsy Quilting class – this is the one to choose!

6 thoughts on “Craftsy Class Review – Machine Quilting Negative Space by Angela Walters

  1. Denise in PA says:

    Great job on the quilting! Isn’t Angela fun? I was lucky enough to take a class with her last year and she spoke at our guild last month. She’s as nice as she is cute! And so talented! I really enjoyed her. Getting to see her quilts in person was amazing.

  2. carla says:

    Do you have any more in depth thoughts about the class beyond “it was fantastic” and “it was different from her in person class”? I’d love to know more about the content of the class, was it repetitive, was the time spent well? (My biggest complain from the class I took was I spent a long time watching someone else sew blocks together – clearly it was aimed at someone much more beginner than I was. I know this is not a quilt making class, but it’s a concern I have – are there long periods of just watching her sew?)

    I hope you add more to this post – this is one of the classes I’ve been considering but since I feel like I was “burned” on another highly-recommended class I’d like to hear more specifics before I make a decision to purchase. Thanks for sharing!

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