Thanks, You Guys – I am Officially De-Stashed!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me de-stash yesterday. I couldn’t believe the response! I spent all day Friday going through my stash, packing it up and shipping it out. I sent out a total of 33 flat rate boxes worth of Stash and it feels great!


Boxes of Stash

For those of you that missed out, there is still good news for you. I am sort of doing the same thing with my store inventory, but not quite as dramatic. Right now I have over 800 fabrics on clearance, until they sell out. They are anywhere from 20% to 50% off so you can still get your fabric fix for cheap. πŸ™‚

Click here for my store clearance section – over 800 items on sale!

Part of all this fabric cleansing is to make way for changes in my quilting direction, both personally and professionally. I recently realized I need to redo my sewing studio to make it more comfortable and useable.

Stash Before

Stash – Before

Step one is cleaning and organizing my stash. I’m waiting for those mini cardboard fabric organizers to arrive so that I can make make the most of my shelf space.

Stash Cleansing

Stash Cleansing

Step two is setting up a better design wall. Right now I have a small portable flannel wall and it’s just not cutting it – I need more space for designing!

Stash - After

Stash – After

Step three is cleaning up my store to make it more focused and efficient. The less time I need to spend working, the more sewing and designing time I will have.

I really live by the philosophy that less is more. In other words, the less clutter I have, the more quilts I’ll be able to make!

New Stash to Wash

New Stash to Wash

Now I’m off to spend the morning washing and ironing this lovely pile of fabrics since I have room for them once again. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Thanks, You Guys – I am Officially De-Stashed!

  1. melissa maston says:

    I got my order today in the mail. I just wanted to say thank you for the little pick me up. It is so nice to get a suprise package and not really know what is in it. Thanks again

  2. Jayne says:

    I need to do that! Not on that scale though! My sypryle has change so much since I started quilting….I have fabric I may never ever use now!

  3. Susan says:

    You are such an inspiration!! I took 3 huge large size plastic bags to the local Goodwill and it felt so good! Thanks to your post I’m going to take my last cup of morning coffee into my quilt room and start moving things around to make it more efficient and “Fun to be in”. My hat is off to you girl!

  4. Janice says:

    I am peeking at your pictures wanting to see which box is mine. I told my husband he could get me one for Christmas because it would be a surprise. You know, I think he thinks I am really not going to open it till Christmas. Silly man.

  5. Deborah French says:

    I am interested in seeing what those “cardboard”” things are – please post pictures when they arrive. It sounds like something I could really use to get organized.

    I am an “organizer” by nature – I cannot deal with clutter – and I have to have “my things” where they belong before I start working. Granted – it would be nice if my entire house was that way – yeah right!! 😦

  6. Leigh Anne says:

    When I look at these pictures my first thought is how free and light you must feel πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see how your space takes shape and what directions you go with your quilting from here!

  7. Barbara Corbitt says:

    Hi christa,
    The story of my life, a day late and a dollar quilters know a bargain when they see it. I wish i could have gotton in on this great deal, they would make great charity quilts. Blessings,Barbara babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

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