Happy New Year 2014 – Live Long and Prosper!

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014!

My husband’s family has this fabulous tradition of  dressing up and going on a scavenger hunt each year to find our big family Christmas gift. This year’s theme was Star Trek and we were on a quest to seek out new life forms and new civilizations while solving clues along the way!

It's Logical

Solving clues requires simple logic!

We had to answer trivia questions, solve puzzles and think like Captain Kirk while we journeyed through our quest.


Solving clues is logical, Captain!

Stark Trek

What would Captain Kirk do?

Each answer led us to another clue and we really had to work together as a crew to discover our final destination!

Seeking out new life forms on our journey!

Seeking out new life forms on our journey!

At the end of our journey we were rewarded with generous gifts and fun memories from our quest. You can see our antics from previous years here and here.

Christmas - the final frontier!

Christmas – the final frontier!

Live long and prosper!

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014 – Live Long and Prosper!

  1. Josie McRazie says:

    I would cal y’all dorks…. but since most of our holiday was spent watching and or playing Star Wars… I’m right up there, too! LOL Have a safe and happy one!!!

  2. Debi Bielawski says:

    Sounds to me like you are a lucky lady to have that man to live long and prosper with. Your blog is truly a a love story that captures everything both of you share in life work and play. But most all family. Thanks for sharing with us and inspiring me.

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