Christa’s Giveaway – Win a Copy of EQ7 for the Mac (or PC)

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was able to offer another fabulous giveaway! This one is sponsored by my friends (really they are!) over at Electric Quilt. To celebrate the release of EQ7 for the Mac, they’ve generously decided to give away a copy to one of you – whoo hoo!


Don’t worry, this giveaway is actually open to everyone – if the winner is a PC owner, you can select the original version instead of the Mac version. No need to go buy a brand new computer just to run the software on (though that’s exactly what I did, LOL)! And if you prefer to have a downloadable version rather than a physical copy, that’s available, too!

Because I’m an existing EQ7 user, I only needed to get the migration kit to switch from a PC to a Mac. However, for those of you Mac users who have been patiently waiting for the stand-alone Mac version to be released, the time is now!



Here’s how to enter:

Just leave a comment below telling me if you’ve ever designed your own quilt before. Or if not, what you’d love to design if you could. This will be a short giveaway timerame, running through Monday, May 5th at 6PM Pacific time. I’ll email the winner and make an announcement on my blog next Tuesday, May 6th.

Good luck!


584 thoughts on “Christa’s Giveaway – Win a Copy of EQ7 for the Mac (or PC)

  1. Susan Crawford says:

    Now that I am retired I have had the joy of designing several art quilts and used a variety of quilting techniques. Every time I am working with a quilt using a defined pattern I find myself wishing that I had a way to design my own. Many of my friends use EQ6 or EQ7 and I see how it allows them to create blocks, audition fabrics, and preview their work. I know I would use EQ7 when the opportunity to own comes my way.

  2. smilingwoman says:

    I am a quilter and Mac user… believed that there was no hope for a good design program for me… and look… NOW there is EQ7 for MAC! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  3. Beth ByersSmall says:

    I have only dabbled in designing but I’d love to really jump in with software leading my way. Thanks for this opportunity.

  4. Renee mullins says:

    I am a new quilter but would love to design my on quilts! I get ideas from pinterest and mesh them into one quilt. What fun it would be to use original ideas start to finish!

  5. Debbie says:

    Hi I have designed quilts, but just in my head ( so in other words the hard way). Trying to get what’s in your head into a pattern is no an easy thing to do, you need to be very inventive. Software to achieve this end quickly would be a god send!

  6. Jane says:

    Woohoo! Thank you, Christa and EQ! I’ve been waiting sooo long for EQ7 for Mac! I design my own quilts and look forward to owning this software because it’ll make my process faster 🙂

  7. debmfry says:

    I have been waiting for the new MAC version to make the jump into EQ7. I have never done a quilt design on the computer and am so eager to try. Currently I draw them out on graph paper and colored pencils. I love the relaxation this gives me BUT I have to start all over whenever I want to “see” how different designs would look. I cannot wait to be able to make a quilt form start to finish with EQ7!

  8. Abby says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it so much I hadn’t read the entire post…. I’ve designed a few quilts but I would like to be able to draw them up to work out fabric quantities. Love to have it

  9. Kimberli says:

    WOW WOW WOW! I’ve been designing using the old fashioned method of paper and pen for my quilt blocks — this would make my MAC skiing! Such a generous giveaway!!! Would be an awesome win!!

  10. NancyL says:

    I haven’t designed a quilt from scratch, but I often change size, add/subtract borders, and make other changes to existing patterns. I don’t use quilting software, just my pencil and paper.

  11. Lisa E says:

    Yes, I have designed my own quilts before. Both were for my children’s teachers, and they came out beautifully. Very rewarding to do you own stuff!

  12. Lori says:

    I used EQ many years ago to design a wedding quilt for my nephew and his bride. It came out fantastic and everyone said it was one of my best. Then I switched to the Mac and was out of luck. I’m so happy that EQ now comes for the Mac.

  13. Gale C. says:

    Right now all my creative powers goes into my teaching, but as soon as I retire I will be designing! Would love EQ!

  14. Christine Westbrook says:

    Hi there Christa! I am so excited to have the chance to win EQ7! OMG!! I always look forward to all the inspiration I get from your newsletter. Thank you!

  15. Suzi says:

    I would loooove to win a copy of EQ7! I’ve designed almost all my own quilts, the hard way in an ancient copy of Illustrator, which I only sort of know how to operate, or on paper. But the cost of EQ has deterred me.

  16. louise says:

    Ahhh, I have been dying to get a copy of EQ. I only design my own quilts with great inspiration from amazing quilters like you. My last one was a variation of your chevrons quilt and I am disappointed that I did not get a finished picture but I have a semi finished pic on my phone if I can I will email it to you.

  17. mrsbrooke says:

    If, by designing, you mean that I’ve done all the “mathing,” then yes, I’ve designed my own quilt before. I’ve not come up with anything truly original or ventured into intricate piecing on my own, though; I’ve only done that under the tutelage of a pre-existing pattern. I’d love to be able to whip up my own creations on-screen–I’ve got a lot of ’em in my noggin, just waiting for me to sit down and write them out!

  18. Debbie Weishaar says:

    I have not designed my own quilt before but I would really love to learn. I would love to design my husband a memory quilt for his 28 years of serving in the USAF.

  19. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs says:

    I have designed quilts, but only really simple things because all that math and sketching gets tricky and I’m working on paper : P I would *love* the chance to design in EQ7, Christa! It would take my work to the next level and make life so much easier!

  20. Vicki says:

    I design all my quilts on EQ … version 5!!! It’s pretty old and clunky, but I just never got around to upgrading. I’ve heard about a lot of the new features of EQ7, so please pick me!!

  21. Graciela says:

    I`ve designed my first king bed quilt with paper and pencil. and a calculator….What a job!!It would be amazing an EQ7!!!!

  22. Cornelia says:

    I design my own quilts quite often, and EQ7 is high on my to purchase list,
    and last week i put my first pattern in my craftsy shop, so EQ7 would be really handy instead of photoshop

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