Fabric Friday – Reduced Prices on Precut Yardage Bundles

Jason and I have been enjoying managing our new precut store, seeking out new products and experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t.

If an item doesn’t sell as well as we’d like, we are not above discounting it to clear it out and make room for something new. That’s a win for us as it allows us to put our efforts into finding other exciting precuts – and it’s a win for you because you can get a great deal on some awesome fabric!

yardage_aqua12 yard bundles of chevrons, dots and gingham in a dozen different colorways!

While we loved the idea of selling precut yardage bundles (1 yard cuts of a 6-12 coordinating pieces), we’ve learned that most people would rather pick and choose their yardage; or if they want a full collection, the smaller more economical precut bundles are easier on the wallet.

yardage_lulaLula Magnolia Bundle – Under 9 bucks a yard! – Comes in 3 Colorways!

Therefore we’ve reduced the prices on all of our existing yardage bundles. The regular price for a 7 yard bundle retails at $77. However, ours are now selling for just $62 which is under 9 bucks a yard (which includes free US shipping)!!

yardage_halloweenThere are plenty of Halloween bundles on sale, too!

We have over 60 different yardage bundles, with more on the way from orders placed earlier in the year. However, once these have sold out, we won’t be carrying them anymore.

yardage_rocketThere are plenty of novelty bundles on sale – perfect for that next baby quilt!

Click here to see all our our reduced price yardage bundles and stock your stash with pretty prints!




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