Craftsy Class Review and a Free Class – Creative Quilt Backs

I’m so excited to partner with Craftsy and kick off my fall roundup of online classes to share with you. For starters, why don’t we start with a free class? As of this writing, I counted 35 free “mini” classes offered by Craftsy and my favorite has to be Creative Quilt Backs by Elizabeth Hartman.

Creative Quilt BacksThis class was the first one I watched when I first discovered all that Craftsy has to offer and I became a huge Craftsy fan right away!

In Creative Quilt Backs, Elizabeth walks you through the basics of how to calculate the size needed for various types of pieced backings. She includes very detailed step by step directions that help you get comfortable with the dreaded “quilt math!”

She also gives great tips on how to use large scale prints, and how to use up those leftovers by making a secondary composition on the back. I love making scrappy back art, and here are just a few of the fun quilt backs I’ve made since watching this class:

modern _logs_backingThe Back of Modern Logs

Strips of Color

The back of Colorful Chevrons

Pieced BackingThe back of String of Pearls

Craftsy’s free mini classes are very similar to the regular paid classes with well produced step-by-step videos from some of your favorite teachers. They are just a tad shorter and don’t include the back and forth teacher communication, but they are a great way to check out the Craftsy Platform.

Be sure to check out Creative Quilt Backs with Elizabeth Hartman and jazz up your finishes!






6 thoughts on “Craftsy Class Review and a Free Class – Creative Quilt Backs

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    that was my first Craftsy class–it has really changed my attitude to fabric that is 1 or 2 inches too narrow. I’ve also done some fun backs that were planned to be pieced from the start.

  2. Susan says:

    I love the creative backs. I got the Craftsy class on that a while back but haven’t done any yet. I recently purchased a book “New Ways With Jelly Rolls” 12 Reversible Modern Jelly Roll Quilts. I love the quilts and backs. Check it out.

  3. CarreonCrafts says:

    Thanks for the review. I have that class, but haven’t done it yet. I do have two quilts that I’m ready to make creative back for with the leftover fabric so will check out the class before I do. It will be a challenge for me as I tend to automatically think of doing it in a symmetrical pattern.

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