Some Craftsy Love and an Awesome Quilting Resource

In addition to sharing tips and tricks here on my own blog (and the occasional 15 second video tutorial on instagram), I’m also a freelance writer for the Craftsy blog. The cool thing about that is that I can reach a wider audience and participate in roundups of fun topics.


Recently on the Craftsy blog, one of the other authors has put together an incredible quilting resource: 135 Trick, Tips and Tutorials for quilting. It includes many of my tutorials as well as plenty of other bloggers and instructors you’ll recognize. Pretty much anything you want to know is in this resource and it’s almost like having an entire book’s worth of content at your fingertips, so check it out when you get the chance.

In other Craftsy news, they’ve announced their second Craftsy Blogger Awards, so that should be fun to follow. You can nominate your favorite blogs in 15 different categories, including of course quilting and sewing.


For whatever reason, they skipped doing it in 2014, but in 2013 my blog was one of the four finalists chosen for quilting tutorials so that was pretty fun.

Check out details and nominate your favorite blogs here.

Finally, since I’m spreading the Craftsy love, I thought I’d share with you two of my current recommendations for classes. These are courses on my agenda to watch in my spare time. There’s nothing more motivating than be inspired by these fabulous teachers:

Start Foundation Paper Piecing With Elizabeth Dackson


This is Elizabeth’s latest class which I just signed up for. I enjoyed her teaching style from her previous class Start Free-Motion Quilting so I’m excited to see more of the same thorough instruction with a different topic.

The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting With Christina Cameli

20150110_fmq_secretsNo matter how much I teach machine quilting, it’s always fun to see how other instructors present the material, and I know I’ll pick up a new tip or two! I really enjoyed Christina’s first book, and I know I’ll enjoy her class just as much!

What’s on your quilty agenda?

3 thoughts on “Some Craftsy Love and an Awesome Quilting Resource

  1. Anne says:

    I nominated you as you are outstanding . I wish they had asked why. I would have said excellent quilter, generous with sharing clear, concise and fun patterns. Your blogs makes me feel “I can do this”. You are friendly, encouraging and happy. Good luck.

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