Book Winner – and Thank You!

Congratulations to Caryn S. who wins a copy of Paper Pieced Modern from my friend Amy Garro. She has been contacted and the book is on it’s way!


I don’t know about you – but I am constantly amazed at the talent I’ve seen in the online quilting community. Between social media and the modern movement I feel like I’m chatting with lifelong friends who really get me and my style. I love it!

Also, – a huge thanks to those of you who helped out with my fabric destash.

2015-02-14destashNow I have a nice clean shelf that I will be filling up with all sorts of fun works-in-progress. For those that missed out, rest assured that I will be doing another one in a few weeks (maybe a couple of months). I still have loads of fabrics and goodies to clean out – stuff I just don’t use anymore.

2015-02-16-quiltconbagSneak peak of that quilt backing on the design wall coming soon….

I’m just about packed and ready for QuiltCon. I leave in the morning and will be sporting my favorite bag (made by my friend Vicki from A Quilter’s Mission) and an awesome lanyard that I got from Sewtopia.

Be sure to keep up with me throughout the week on instagram @christaquilts!

5 thoughts on “Book Winner – and Thank You!

  1. bella911 says:

    I missed out on the de-stash boxes last time won’t be last this time around lol, hope you are having lots of fun at the quilt show I wish I was going with you all. I’ve signed up to follow your photos can’t wait to see all the new goodies out there

  2. Sylvia Anderson says:

    Hi Christa, I will be looking forward to your next destash, since I wasn’t able to participate this time. Since we live on a very limited budget, it will allow me to purchase some fabric at a much more affordable price. Fabric has more than doubled since I did most of my stash building and my husband was still working. This is very generous of you to offer this on your blog and much appreciated, Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a quilter’s destash day? lol

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