Fabric Friday – A Little Cotton and Steel Love

I’ve mentioned before that I carry Cotton and Steel bundles in my precut store. Today I’d like to give them some love and also let you know that I also decided to get the double gauze bundle, too. Now, I’m not a garment sewer so I’m not really sure what to do with double gauze, but it looked so pretty, I couldn’t resist!

cs_double_gauzeDouble gauze – 15 half yard cuts – what would you make?

Other luscious bundles include Kim Kight’s Cookie Book (my favorite):

cs_cookie_bookAnd Mesa by Alexia Abegg – I just can’t resist graphic, southwest designs!

cs_mesaNow here’s the best news, several of the older bundles that haven’t sold out are now on sale! Be sure to scoop them up before they are gone.

Click here for all Cotton and Steel precut bundles and happy shopping!

3 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – A Little Cotton and Steel Love

  1. Alexandra Kerley says:

    I just made a quilt using nani iro double gauze and it turned out lovely! It is not especially hard to quilt on, I gave myself extra seam allowances and double sewed the seams to prevent unraveling. Enjoy your gauze!

  2. Pam Arbour says:

    Gorgeous fabrics. I know someone who uses the double gauze to make receiving blankets. I haven’t used it for anything yet.

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