Fabric Friday – The Precut Store is now on Instagram! (And Some Sale News)

We are starting to do a little bit of rebranding for our online store which we lovingly call “The Precut Store.” Right now everything is still under our company name of  Christa Quilts but we will slowly be changing that over to reflect more about what the store is really about – Precuts!!


I’m happy to say that as of today, we have a lot more than just 1 Instagram follower!!

As part of the changes, the first thing we did was set up an Instagram account @theprecutstore. Be sure to follow us there as that’s where will share daily eye candy pics of the latest and greatest items we get in each and every day. I say “we” because the precut store has recently become Jason’s main focus in our business, allowing me do the “fun” stuff like making quilts and writing books!


Jason and I recently defined our roles in our business – and we have the badges to prove it!

I’m also hoping to start sharing more pictures of what you all make using our precuts. Feel free to use the hashtag #precutstore on Instagram to let us know what you are making, and how you like your goodies!!

Jason’s really got things down to a science. He knows exactly how many of each precut to buy, how often to restock the ones that are selling well, and when to discount those that aren’t doing so great.


One of Jason’s recent acquisitions – Hoffman Batiks that will be heading our way soon!

For example, we were super excited when Michael Miller began offering precuts, then were really disappointed when they decided to bag the whole thing. So our loss is your gain – all of the Michael Miller precuts are on clearance now at 50% off the original prices. One thing we’ve learned in reatail – you’ve got to either sell it quick, or get rid of it. The rule of thumb in retail is to never let an item celebrate an anniversary in your shop!


The Michael Miller clearance precuts won’t last long – grab yours now!

Another group of fabrics that we have on sale are the Cotton and Steel precuts. As much as I love them, they’ve stuck around a little too long (mostly because I don’t think enough people know about them yet). So be sure to add them to your stash before they go out of print (OOP).


All Cotton and Steel Precuts are on sale, too!

Here are two links for you to follow and save: @theprecutstore and theprecutstore.com

As always, thanks for your support!

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