Snuggle Saturday – Cuddle Cakes and Kits from Shannon Fabrics

At the most recent quilt market, Jason and I decided to take the plunge and expand our offerings. We met with the wonderful folks from Shannon Fabrics and bought two of all their Cuddle Kits and precuts. If it sells well – we’ll stock more!


I love this quilt kit – it comes in pink and blue!

Cuddle cloth, is Shannon Fabrics’ brand name for minky fabrics. These are super soft and plush fabrics that are softer and thicker than fleece, and they make the most adorable baby quilts and blankies!!


All of Shannon Cuddle Kits are simply adorable!!

Right now, you can purchase Cuddle Cakes (10″ squares), Cuddle Charms (5″ squares), Scarf kits, and the most adorable baby quilt kits I’ve seen. The charms and squares come in sets of 20 and the kits include fabrics for the quilt top, applique and binding.


When we first got these, my kids begged me to make them some quilts because they are so soft and cozy!! The nice thing about the charms and cakes is that you can easily mix and match them to make a bigger project (though one set of Cuddle Cakes will make a nice sized-patchwork throw).


The cuddle is easy enough to sew through, especially with a walking foot and you can add some basic quilting on top with no problems. In fact, depending on how bulky or lightweight you want your project to be, you can even skip the batting if desired!

Click here to see our entire line of Cuddle precuts.

I’m curious – have you ever sewn with minky before?

8 thoughts on “Snuggle Saturday – Cuddle Cakes and Kits from Shannon Fabrics

  1. Carole Hill says:

    just wanted to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New year! Remember we are the “Queens” I’m very happy that you have all these things going on for you now. It takes a lot to do what you are doing and I know you love it! Please take care!
    Minky? I have a piece, but was told it was hard to work with, is there a special way to handle it and a special needle to work with?

  2. Karen says:

    So yummy, Christa. Nope, never sewn with Minky, but it sure is yummy. Now, if there were just a grandchild in my future. . .. 😉

  3. Alice says:

    The Minky I used has a stretching problem. As already stated , it also had a tendency to roll. It has a beautiful feel to it and really is soft to cuddle.

  4. farmquilter says:

    I’ve made blankets out of 2 layers of minky and I just got finished using it for Christmas stockings. The hard parts of using Minky are that it has a tendancy to roll when it’s on the bottom going through the sewing machine and pressing it really has never worked for me. Love the way it feels!

    • Lee says:

      I have sewn a lot with minky and use it to back all my baby and child quilts. I love the feel and snuggle quality. The secret to sewing with minky is lots and lots of pins.

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