I’m Now on Pinterest!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been slowly adding more social media channels to my network. Some I’ve enjoyed immensely, others not so much. I started off with my blog way back in 2010, tried Flickr for awhile before everyone abandoned it for Instagram. I got serious about my email newsletter in 2013, then joined the Instagram bandwagon in 2014. I added Facebook in 2015 and then did a short-lived stint on Periscope in 2016. Now in 2017 my goal is to tackle Pinterest.

Christa Quilts on Pinterest

Since I’m new to the game, I don’t have a ton of followers yet, but If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, click here. I’d love to have you!

Although I enjoy social media, each time I add something new, it’s a huge learning curve for me. But, since LEARN is my word for 2017, I’m embracing the process! if you are a regular Pinterest user, please leave me a comment letting me know how you use it, or any tips you’d like to share.




12 thoughts on “I’m Now on Pinterest!

  1. Erin Quinn says:

    Pinterest is super fun!! Although be warned it can be a total time suck – you go just to check one thing and before you know it, it’s been 4 hours and you have a burning desire to install “shiplap” in your spare room… Great way to find new patterns and inspirations though.
    E xx

  2. birdlooker says:

    Pinterest is an addiction for me. Browsing through all the pictures always gives me inspiration. So many lessons and tutorials are there for the taking. I’m new to quilting and through Pinterest, I’ve been introduced to the quilting world. I find out about famous quilters and their blogs, quilting tools, quilting tips and tricks and techniques…..It goes on and on. I just signed up for your Craftsy class and now I’m going to follow you on Pinterest. This means I have a new quilting friend. 😊

  3. betty c says:

    I know a lot of people that don’t care for Instagram and that includes me. I do like Pinterest and I think it is a lot more organized and easier to view things on Pinterest.

  4. quiltshopgirl says:

    I am glad to see you on Pinterest and now following you. I find it a great resource to search free-motion quilting designs, for inspiration, tips, as well as planning FMQ for a project. But it is also handy to find creativity ideas and more.


  5. Anna Rutledge says:

    Christa, I’m excited to see you on Pinterest! I’m always looking for fresh and exciting new ways to approach quilting. Any tips or new tools, or threads, or battings, or patterns…not all of us are able to get out to the quilt shows or even retreatst to see and try so many of the new (or old) products. Refresher stuff too …how to square a block, how to add borders, Needles – there’s so many, how do you choose, how to cut on the bias, can you mix batiks and cottons in your quilts…how to use templates, how to use all those different feet with your machine, exploring stitches…you get the drift. Love your Craftsy class and I’m sure you will be able to inspire more on Pinterest.

  6. Hedy says:

    I use Pinterest for a few things only: new ideas about quilts and some recipes. I have also used it for some repurposed furniture sites. Quilt sites are the most important though.

  7. Judi Rutherford says:

    I use it to pin pictures of items I have made and items I would like to make. It works as a reference guide for me.

    I do not spend time trolling Pinterest looking for ideas.

  8. Mary says:

    What does it mean ‘to follow’ you on Pinterest? I know what Pinterest is but don’t use it much. Maybe there are some more of your followers that aren’t as unconnected as I am.

    • Christa says:

      When you click the link to follow me, that means you’ll see all of the new things that I pin each day 🙂

      Christa Watson Instagram @christaquilts website/blog: ChristaQuilts.com Click here to join my facebook group: Quilt with Christa

      On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 4:48 AM, Christa Quilts wrote:


  9. Christine Sherman says:

    I save all the quilts I’d like to make there. It’s easier than printing patterns everyday that I never get around to making. When it’s time, I find a quilt in my boards, then print.
    I love it because when I go back I see things I’d forgotten about! 🙂

  10. Joyce says:

    Pinterest is great when collaborating with others on a project like girls’ camp. You can share ideas easily and look for themes etc. I have discovered I can’t always duplicate the picture perfect results on everything though. 😊

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