Registration Now Open for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival (AMQF) 2018

This is mainly for my Australian friends, or for anyone who wants to take a trip with me down under this September! Registration is now open for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide, Australia. Yep, I’m going and taking the family, too!!

Australian Machine Quilting Festival

I’m thrilled to be joining some amazing instructors including Ricky Tims, Cindy Needham, Angela Huffman, Kathleen Riggins and many more. I’m just sad that I’ll be so busy teaching that I won’t have a chance to take any of their classes!! Though maybe I’ll have to sneak in a lecture or two…

Here’s my complete schedule of classes and events:

Click on any of the links below to register for that event, plus detailed information.
Please note, there is a one time registration fee that also includes admission to the show. The registration fee is required before you can enroll in any workshops.

Click here to register for AMQF

Thursday, Sept 20

Quilting Large Spirals

I can’t wait to share my machine quilting methods and best tips for quilting on a regular home sewing machine. All of the ideas I teach can be found in my three machine quilting books.

Friday, Sept 21

Modern Logs Quilt Pattern

I love teaching improv piecing using my Modern Logs quilt as the class sample. Even if you can’t attend, you can still get the print pattern here and the PDF version here.

Saturday, Sept 22

Christa Watson Quilts

Click here to download the complete class catalogue.

It’s going to be such an amazing event! Since I’ve never been to Australia I’m going bring the family with me so that we can turn this into a really fun working family vacation. They’ll get a chance to tour the country while I’m teaching, and then we’ll add on a few days so that I can see the sites, too. Be sure and leave me a comment letting me know what to add to our “must-see” list!

3 thoughts on “Registration Now Open for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival (AMQF) 2018

  1. Cynthia Woodham says:

    It will be great to have you here in Adelaide. There is plenty to see and do around Adelaide. Hopefully I will get to your lecture as attending the classes are a little bit hard to do when I will be in the Vendor hall working.

  2. Patricia Reid says:

    Australia is a big place. If you and family are staying just in Adelaide then you must travel to the wineries north and south of the city. South is McLaren Vale, home of some great reds. North is the Barossa Valley and the Clare Valley, home of some wonderful Riesling and other great red and white wines. Adelaide city is known as the “City of churches” for a good reason. There are many beautiful homes around the city built from sandstone. There are some great surf beaches on the southern coast if your children love to swim. If you are planning to visit other states be prepared for a lot of travelling. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, but did live there for a couple of years. I loved it. Wish I could attend the Adelaide quilt festival but am going to Melbourne for the quilt convention in a couple of weeks. Anyway have a great time Christa, enjoy your stay in the land downunder. Cheers Pat.

  3. Debra Cox says:

    Already booked in for your spirals and swirls class. I have your Craftsy class but am really looking forward to meeting you and taking a real time class.

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