Things to Make from Fandangle – Containers from By Annie

I’m back with more fun things you can make from Fandangle, my current line that’s in stores now. Of course these fun containers would look great in any fabrics, but I’m thrilled that my friends from By Annie chose to showcase them with some of my favorite prints!

Clam Up

Clam Up Made from FandangleClick here to get the Clam Up Pattern from By Annie

Aren’t these bags the cutest!! I love how Annie chose to use the cool colorway of Fandangle in different combinations for this set. Howe fun would it be to wrap a small trinket or gift in the smallest bag and then stack them all together by size. It’s as much fun as playing with Matroyska dolls, but for quilters!!

Contain Yourself

By Annie Containers with Fandangle

Click here to get the Contain Yourself pattern from By Annie

These are absolutely the best containers!! My favorite is the big one made from Baubles and Bits in teal, and the smaller ones are perfect for organizing quilting and sewing notions. It’s on my bucket list to make these for all the nooks and crannies in my sewing room to keep the mess under control!

Take a Stand

Fandangle Fabric

Click here to purchase the Take a Stand pattern from By Annie

This functional tote is perfect for organizing your sewing notions on the go. I love how Annie paired up the warm Fandangle prints in red and orange with a touch of gray. It always makes me giddy to see how others combine with my fabrics!!

Running with Scissors

Fandangle Fabric

Fandangle Fabric

Click here to purchase the Running with Scissors pattern from By Annie

Although I usually just stick to just making flat “2-D” quilts, my mom loves sewing these functional “3-D” items like containers and totes. I think I’ve just added a few more for her to make!!

Click here to purchase yardage of my prints to make some of your own!!

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