Finished Quilt: Modern Starstruck + Quilting Details

Meet “Modern Starstruck” – a remake of my “Starstruck” quilt pattern included in my book Piece and Quilt with Precuts. The original quilt from the book was made in black and white, but as soon as I released my new fabric line, I knew I had to remake this design to showcase the bold bright colors of Modern Marks.

Modern Starstuck by Christa Watson

Modern Starstruck, designed, pieced and quilted by Christa Watson

Starstruck is a fun fat-quarter quilt made from 24 different fabrics, one for each star in the quilt. Each fabric is used in the quilt twice – once for the star and once for the background. However, since there are 26 prints in Modern Marks, I wanted to showcase them all, so two of the fabrics are only included once.

Modern Starstruck

Click here to grab a fat quarter bundle of Modern Marks (while supplies last.)
Click here to get your signed copy of Piece and Quilt with Precuts.

I had a LOT of fun quilting this one!! I quilted a different free-motion design in each of the stars and backgrounds. There are a total of 24 blocks which means I quilted 48 unique designs in this quilt. I think of it as a “machine quilting sampler” of sorts.

Machine Quilting Detail

You can really see the quilting when the light hits it just right. I tried lots of different swirl combinations in some of the blocks, and echoed each star a couple of times to separate it from the background quilting.

Modern Starstruck closeup

Modern Starstruck drapes really well due to the cotton batting I used, and the dense quilting gives it plenty of yummy texture.

In each block I quilted a combination of geometric and curvy lines to play around with different ideas. To minimize my starts and stops, I free motion echo quilted around each star shape, then traveled over a previous stitching line to get to the star. I filled in each star with a different design and then traveled back out of the top of the star to continue quilting the additional echo and background areas.

Machine quilting in progress

Here are a couple of closeups of the block quilting:

quilting detail

I quilted a geometric meander in the star above, with curvy woodgrain in the background. Many of the designs came from my books, while others were brand new experiments which may show up as stand-alone motifs in future quilts!

free motion quilting

In this star I quilted a dense echoed diamond design with curvy flowers in the background. I used a light yellow thread for the entire quilt. It blended in to most of the fabrics so I didn’t have to switch thread colors.

Pattern on pattern

In some of the blocks, I quilted a dense pattern on pattern design to add extra depth and dimension to the quilt.

Modern Starstruck detail

It was fun to choose fabric combinations for each block. Because this was a busy quilt with no unifying background fabric, it was important that each pairing allowed the stars to pop!

Modern Starstruck Stats:

Modern Starstuck by Christa Watson

Wall Basting Tutorial Using Spray Adhesive

One of the secrets to successful machine quilting is basting your quilts properly. So today I will share with you my favorite way to baste a quilt using 505 basting spray and my design wall. You can definitely modify this technique and baste your quilts on a table, but I prefer the design wall because I can get up close to the quilt and make sure it’s nice and flat.

I’m demonstrating how to baste my Modern Puzzle quilt. Get the free quilt pattern here.

Click here to grab a Modern Puzzle Quilt Kit featuring Modern Marks.

Wall Basting Quilt Tutorial for Modern Puzzle Free Quilt Pattern

Wall basting is my favorite way to baste! I can get up close to make it smooth and flat.

Wall Basting Tutorial

Ensure that all 3 layers of your quilt (top, batting, and backing) are nice and flat. The batting and backing should be a few inches larger than the quilt top on all sides.

Give the top and backing a final press and clip any stray threads. Relax the wrinkles in your batting by throwing it in a dryer with a wet towel for a few minutes, unrolling it from the package to “rest” for a few days, or pressing the batting with a hot dry iron. (For delicate batting, use a piece of fabric to cover it while you press.)

Step 1 – Apply Adhesive to Backing and Quilt Top separately

Lay a sheet on the ground to protect your quilt and catch any over-spray. Outdoors is best so that the fumes can dissipate, but you can do it inside in a well ventilated room while wearing a dust mask. Be sure to shake the can and spray a few squirts on the sheet to ensure the nozzle is clean and the spray comes out evenly before you start.

Lay out the quilt backing wrong side up and apply a thin coat of 505 spray adhesive evenly across the surface of the quilt. Walk around the quilt backing as needed to reach all areas.

Apply spray baste to the wrong side of the backing fabric

Spray the adhesive on one section of the backing at a time. Use seam lines in the piecing to help keep track of where you’ve sprayed since it’s hard to see the adhesive on the fabric.

Repeat the process for the quilt top, using the design of the quilt to help you keep track of which areas you’ve already covered. Don’t worry if the quilt top and backing have some give or are a bit wrinkly from movement. You will smooth it all out later.

Spray baste the quilt top

Be sure to lay out the quilt top wrong side up while applying basting spray.

Hint: it’s easier to keep track of where you’ve sprayed if you cover one-two rows at a time, moving methodically over the quilt top.

spray basting

Try to keep the can spraying out consistently so you don’t get any adhesive buildup.

Once the backing and quilt top are sprayed, fold them up and bring indoors to assemble the layers on a design wall. It doesn’t matter if you fold them right sides in or out. They will be sticky, but not stuck and you can easily unfold and the layers and peel them apart. You don’t need to baste right away, but I wouldn’t wait more than a few days to prevent the spray from drying out.

Quilt top and back with basting spray

It’s okay if the layers are a wadded-up mess. You’ll straighten them out next!

Step 2 – Assemble The Layers Indoors

Pin the quilt backing wrong side up to the top of the design wall (mine is made from foam insulation board covered with a white flannel sheet). Let gravity pull the weight of the fabric down. Gently un-stick any of the fabric sticking to itself and spend some time smoothing it all out with your hands or an acrylic ruler.

wall basting

For shorties like me, use a chair or step ladder to reach the top of the design wall.

Your hands will get a bit sticky, but the residue easily washes off with soap and water. Spend as much time as you need to straighten the backing so that it’s nice and smooth and flat on the design wall.

Smooth backing on the design wall

The backing is nice and smooth! Any small wrinkles will get ironed out later.

Fold the batting in half vertically and stick it on one side of the backing. Notice that I didn’t cut my batting perfectly straight on one edge and that’s okay. As long as the batting is larger than the quilt top, it’s easy to trim off any excess.

Wall basting - adding the batting

For this quilt I used Hobbs Tuscany Cotton/Wool blend batting. The cotton gives it a nice drape and the wool adds depth and dimension to the quilting without wrinkling up.

Unfold the batting and spend a good amount of time smoothing it out with your hands or a long acrylic ruler. My ruler can get a bit sticky so I have a separate one that I use just for basting. See the excess batting sticking out on the right side? I’ll trim that off with batting scissors before I add the quilt top.

Smoothing the layers

Spend 10-15 minutes smoothing out the batting. It’s okay to re-position it if needed. The ruler acts as an arm extension to help you cover more area while you smooth it all out.

Add the quilt backing right side out in the same manner as the backing. Pin generously and let gravity pull on the weight of the quilt top to get it to hang straight. This is why it’s so important for the batting and backing to be larger than the quilt top. Then you don’t have to make sure it’s lined up perfectly in the middle – you’ll have a bit of “wiggle room” to maneuver.

The excess batting and backing will get trimmed away later.

Spend a lot of time smoothing out the top layer once it’s on the wall. Use the acrylic ruler to help you work out any bubbles and ensure that the seam lines are nice and straight. Once your basted quilt is flat, smooth and straight, machine quilting it will be a breeze!

Bastd Modern Puzzle Quilt

Taking time to smooth each layer will make it much easier to machine quilt!

Step 3 – Iron the Basted Quilt

Here’s where the magic happens! Once the quilt is basted, I take it to the ironing board and press both sides of the quilt. This does two things: (1) it’s a final chance to press out any wrinkles and work out any fullness in the quilt. (2) It sets the glue and ensures that all 3 layers will stay together without shifting, eliminating the need to add any pins. You can still pull apart the layers if needed, but this process will ensure that every inch of the quilt is sticking to every other inch of the quilt.

Iron the basted quilt

I use a “big board” which sits on top of my regular ironing board and gives me more room!

Once I switched to spray basting, I virtually eliminated any pleats and puckers on my quilt. Because there’s a lot of “scrunching and smooshing” going on while quilting, your basted quilt needs to be able to handle a lot of wear and tear while pushing it under the machine. It takes the same amount of time to baste a quilt with spray or pins, but you’ll save a huge amount of time by not having to stop and remove pins. Give spray basting a try and let me know how you like it!

I quilted Modern Puzzle using walking foot wavy lines, a technique I teach in my book, Piece and Quilt with Precuts.

Modern Puzzle Quilting Detail

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you end up making your own version of Modern Puzzle, please share pics in my Christa Quilts Facebook group. I’d love to see your progress!

Modern Marks Inspiration and a Free Quilt Pattern!

To celebrate the release of my new fabric line, I have a free pattern for you, plus loads of inspiration on what you can make with my fabric! Take a look at Rainbow Taffy, a bright colorful quilt made from 5″ squares of Modern Marks, + white background:

Click here for the Rainbow Taffy pattern download.
Click here to get Modern Marks precuts.

Click here to get the free quilt pattern.

I knew I wanted to create a bright colorful quilt which would show off every fabric in this collection. In fact, when it came time to create the precut bundles for this line, it was fun to decide which fabrics would have duplicates (since there’s 31 in the line but 42 squares in the 5×5 pack). I designed Rainbow Taffy so that it would show case these cheerful fabrics in rainbow order, but of course the pattern would look great in other fabrics, too!

Boxes Quilting on Rainbow Taffy

Boxes quilting design on Rainbow Taffy

The pattern includes a detailed chart with color placement, plus machine quilting suggestions. I quilted it with one of my favorite geometric designs, “boxes” which is also the name of one of the designs in the collection!

Modern Marks Fabric by Christa Watson

Click here to grab a bundle of 26 Modern Marks fat quarters.

Be sure to ask for Modern Marks by name at your favorite local quilt shop! If there’s not one near you, I have a limited number of fat quarter bundles and kits availalbe at

More Modern Marks Inspiration

Modern Marks

Be sure to check out the stops on the blog hop below for even more ideas of what you can make from Modern Marks!

HollyAnne @String & Story
Hilary @Aurifil
I hope you are inspired to create something fun with Modern Marks!
Rainbow Taffy Quilt

Pre-Black Friday Sale: Get my New Improv Squares PDF Pattern at 50% Off!

Fun news to share: I’ve just released my newest PDF pattern called “Improv Squares.” It’s a fun pattern that shows you how to to dive into improvisational piecing but in a structured format. It calls for one set of 10″ x 10″ squares plus 4 yards of background. I used my Modern Marks collection but of course it would look great in any fabrics!

Click here to get the PDF version of Improv Squares on Sale for just $4.95!

To introduce this pattern and to say thanks for being a supporter of my blog, I’m offering the PDF at 50% off the regular price through the end of Thanksgiving weekend (November 26th).

Whenever I introduce a new pattern, I put the PDF on sale for about a week which allows me to then finance the print version of the pattern. It’s a win-win for both of us – you get it on sale and then I can print off enough copies to offer at quilt shops across the country!

Quilting Improv Squares

Like all of my patterns, I include machine quilting suggestions so that you can finish it up in no time. I quilted Improv Squares with an allover “Jagged Stipple” design on a pretty large scale. That way I could finish quickly without a lot of fuss!

My number one free-motion tip is to pick one design you want to learn and quilt it across an entire quilt regardless of the piecing. By the time you’re done with the quilt, you’ll be an expert at that design!

Jagged Stipple Quilting

I quilted “Jagged Stipple” with a variegated thread – Aurifil 50 weight Marrakesh.

In the pattern, I’ve included step by step instructions and detailed cutting charts so you’ll have guaranteed success when making this quilt. With my “structured improv” approach, each block will turn out unique, yet unified.

Improv Squares back cover

Materials requirements for Improv Squares

Here’s a tip for fabric selection when it comes to choosing the background: make sure your background fabric is very dark, or very light compared to your precut squares and it will look fantastic! If you are using the same fabric that’s included in the precuts, that’s not a problem. Most 10″x10″ packs include 42 squares, but you only need 36 to make this quilt. That allows you some flexibility.

In my version, I used Modern Marks Navy Herringbone, for the background so I set aside those squares from the 10×10 pack and didn’t use them in the blocks. Here’s what this quilt would look like if you chose a different fabric for the background, such as the Cream/Lime Boxes print:

Improv Squares with Cream

Pair up one set of 10×10’s (Layer Cake) with 4 yards of your favorite background print!

Check out how different it looks using the Light Blue Crossmarks print as the background: (I quickly recolored these using EQ8 from Electric Quilt.)

Imrpov Squares Light Blue Background

Grab a 10×10 bundle of Modern Marks from The Precut Store while supplies last!

Isn’t it fun to see the possibilities? Now I must share with my inspiration for this design. When I’m out running errands I drive by this broken fence. The first time I saw it I thought it would make a very cool quilt design! So there you have it – I’m often influenced by my surroundings in my everyday life and I love it whenever I come across great design inspiration!

Broken Fence

This broken fence inspired the design for Improv Squares. Inspiration is everywhere!!

Imrpov Squares by Christa Watson

If you want to purchase the needed supplies to make this quilt, click the links below.
(They are from 3 different store locations.)

Click here to purchase the PDF pattern for Improv Squares.
Click here to purchase the Modern Marks 10×10 Precuts
Click here to purchase a coordinating background (limited supplies).

One Time Only – Modern Marks Fabric Destash

Now that Modern Marks is making its way to stores, I’m excited to see it reach a wider audience. However, being a minimalist, I now need to clean up from all the quilts I’ve made from Modern Marks and get rid of the excess fabric I don’t need. So my loss will be your gain!

Click here for my Modern Marks fabric destash.

Modern Marks by Christa Watson for Benartex

Quilts in this photo: Rainbow Taffy (free Pattern on the Benartex Website, Starstruck and Gridwork patterns from Piece and Quilt with Precuts.). All were made with Modern Marks precuts.

After setting aside a “good amount” of each Modern Marks print for myself, I have several leftover 2 yard pieces that I’d like to share with you all for a fantastic price.

Click here to view what’s left and grab them before they’re gone.

Modern Marks Fabric

I’ve saved a bit of each print for myself…..

I’m NOT planning on selling yardage on a regular basis, so scoop them up while you can. I’m happy to ship internationally and refund any excess shipping and handling.

After you shop my destash, be sure and visit your local quilt shop for more coordinates and tag me on instagram (@christaquilts) so I can see what you’re making. I had fun working with Modern Marks. Now I can’t wait to see what YOU will create!

Modern Puzzle Quilt – Get the Free Pattern!

Modern Puzzle is a quilt I designed and made to show off my debut fabric line from Benartex, called “Modern Marks.”

Click here to get the free Modern Puzzle pattern.

Modern Puzzle by Christa Watson

It’s full of brightly colored geometric prints that are perfect for quilts in any size and style!

Modern Puzzle Using Modern Marks

I used Modern Marks from Benartex/Contempo for this quilt – it’s bright and cheerful!

Modern Puzzle is a remake of the design I originally created called “Puzzle Box” that showed off some solid fabrics, but I never actually made the quilt. Now that my fabric is out there in the world, I was excited to see how well this design looks using prints!

Modern Marks Fabric

Modern Marks prints and Colorweave coordinates

Modern Puzzle is super fast and easy to make from 2 sets of precut strips – one bundle of colorful prints, and another set for the background. Benartex calls their precut strips “Pinwheels” but they are also known as Jelly Rolls, Pixie Strips, Rollie Polies, Roll Ups, etc. depending on the manufacturer. Each precut bundle includes 40 strips, 2 1/2″ x 42″.

Modern Marks Pinwheel from Benartex

For my quilt I used one Pinwheel of Modern Marks plus one neutral background bundle in gray/white that I asked Benartex to offer along with my fabric. I love how the neutrals really allow the brighter prints to pop!

Click here to get the Modern Marks Precuts.

Neutral Pinwheel from Benartex

Because the fabric images are finalized months before the fabric was ready, I was able to play around in Electric Quilt software to come up with lots of fun designs using my fabric. When I show the “real” quilt you’ll be amazed at how much it looks like the original drawing!

Modern Puzzle Free Pattern from Christa Watson

Modern Puzzle Designed Using EQ

Don’t you just love a snuggly, colorful quilt?? Full reveal coming soon!

Modern Puzzle by Christa Watson

Squiggles Quilt Along Schedule, Supply List + Get Your Kit!

I’ve been a busy bee planning for our quilt along next year. It will kick off January 8, 2017 and we will be making the Squiggles quilt from Piece and Quilt with Precuts (book required). See below for the QAL schedule:

Squiggles by Christa Watson from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Original Squiggles Quilt from the Book – 50″ x 63″

2018 Quilt Along Schedule

  • Week 1 – January 15: Gathering Fabrics and Cutting
  • Week 2 – January 22: Making the Blocks
  • Week 3 – January 29: Assembling the Quilt Top
  • Week 4 – February 5: Backing and Basting
  • Week 5 – February 12: Machine Quilting
  • Week 6 – February 19: Binding

Supply List

  • Two – 5″ charm packs of background solid or tonal fabric (or a total of 77 squares)
  • Four – 5″ charm packs of print fabric (or a total of 154 squares)
    • (Note – you can also substitute one 10″ square pack if needed, and cut to size)
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for binding
  • 3 1/4 yards of fabric for backing
  • 56″ x 70″ piece of batting (I recommend Hobbs batting)
  • Approx. 1200 yards (or one large spool) of fabric for quilting (I recommend Aurifil)
  • Sewing Machine with new needle and basic sewing supplies
  • Rotary cutting equipment (6″ acrylic ruler, mat, standard cutter with new blade)

Piece and Quilt Collection Aurifil Thread by Christa Watson

I’ll be using my Aurifil thread collection to piece and quilt my version of Squiggles!

Pre-Order Your Squiggles Quilt Kit With Black or White

The kit includes everything you need for the quilt top including fabrics + binding. By popular request, I’m offering it in two choices of backgrounds: either black or white. I’m making mine in black just to change things up, but I think it looks great in either choice!

Click here to preorder your squiggles quilt kit. On the item description, you’ll be given the option to select which background you’d prefer. These will ship Approximately Nov 3rd (after I return home from quilt market.)

Squiggles recolored in Modern Marks

I’m remaking my version using my Modern Marks collection with Black.

Squiggles from Piece and Quilt with Precuts


I’m also offering a kit with a white background.

Modern Marks Collection

Take a look at all the prints included in the Modern Marks precuts that are coming soon! It includes the 26 Modern Marks Prints, plus 5 Color Weave coordinates. (Shout-out to my hubby Jason for taking the digital images and arranging them into a pretty grid!!)

Modern Marks Fabric

26 Modern Marks and 5 Color Weave coordinates are included in the precuts that are coming soon!

Optional Backing Kits Available for a Limited Time

For a limited time, I’m also offering a kit of coordinating backing fabric to go with the quilt top. It will include a total of 3 1/4 yards of quirky triangles in Navy/blue.

Click here to preorder the Squiggles backing kit.

Note: This fabric is sold out, but you can click the link above for a couple of other choices, sold as 2 yard pieces (while supplies last.)

Modern Marks Quirky Triangles Navy Blue

Sharing is Caring

Be sure to join my Facebook group:  Christa Quilts. It’s a great community of fun folks like you who would love to see your progress during the quilt along and cheer you on! You’ll be able to share pics of your progress during the quilt along as well as anything else you are working on.

I can’t wait for the quilt along – it’s going to be fun!!

































Join Me at John C. Campbell Folkschool Next Year and Make a Complete Quilt from Start to Finish!

Next June I have the great pleasure of returning to John. C. Campbell Folkschool for the third time, to teach my popular start-to-finish quilting class. This is the one class I teach that walks you through every step of the quilt making process: cutting, piecing, basting, machine quilting, and binding. And we do it all in a one fun-filled week full of sewing, friendship, great food, and fun!

Registration Open Now

Click here to register for my class : Modern Quilting 101 – Stepping Stones.
Class dates are June 3-8, 2018

Stepping Stones quilt pattern by Christa Watson of Christa Quilts

Click here to purchase a print copy of Stepping Stones quilt pattern.
Click here to purchase a downloadable PDF copy of Stepping Stones quilt pattern.

Each year at the Folkschool, I’ve focused on a different pattern. Next year’s group will be making my Stepping Stones quilt pattern seen here. The best part about being the teacher is getting to see the beautiful quilts my students make. Although they are all working through the same pattern, they turn out so unique, based on the fabrics and quilting each person chooses.

Stepping Stones Quilt Pattern by Christa Watson of Christa Quilts

I quilted a simple geometric free-motion design for my quilt. I’ll teach several options in class!

This is the most intense but satisfying class I teach. Think of it as an intimate week-long retreat with me where I’ll share all of my secrets and guide you every step of the way! Class size is limited to just 12 participants so that everyone has plenty of one-on-one instruction. Students have several housing options and I have to say, the food they serve is the best southern cooking I’ve had. Seriously, you could come JUST for the food!!

Folkschool Fiber Studio

This is the fiber studio where our classes take place. There’s tons of room for everyone!

Last Year, students made my Charming Chevrons quilt pattern. They were able to make the quilt in different sizes, according to their needs, and they all turned out beautifully! By the end of the week, we were all BFF’s and it’s been so great seeing their continued quilting success!

Charming Chevrons class

Click here to read more about last year’s fun quilt class!

Click here to purchase Charming Chevrons Quilt Pattern.

In 2015, Students made quilts using my Modern Logs Quilt Pattern. This was my first time teaching at the Folkschool. As you can tell, it was so fun I’ve simply had to return each time they’ve invited me back! At the end of the week, the quilts are always the star of the show during the student show and tell. While I’m teaching my class there are at least a dozen other folk arts and crafts being taught at the same time.

Folkschool 2015

Click here to read more about the class of 2015. It will give you an idea of what to expect.

Click here to purchase Modern Logs Quilt Pattern.

I can’t wait to return next summer and I hope you’ll join me. Several of my industry friends also teach there, so if you aren’t able to take a class from me, check out their online catalog to find another awesome class that will fit your schedule. It’s sure to be an amazing experience!

John Campbell Folk School

I can’t wait to return!

Important Folk School Links:








Quilt Along Announcement – See the Winning Quilt Design!

Thanks so much to all of you who voted for which quilt along you wanted to make from my new book, Piece and Quilt with Precuts. And without further ado, the design with this most votes is:

Squiggles Starting in January!!

Squiggles recolored in Modern Marks

EQ7 design of Squiggles, recolored in my Modern Marks Fabric

Gridwork was the second most popular, followed by Dot ‘n Dash and then Arrows. I really wish I had time to make them all!!

Coming up soon, I’ll announce the blog hop schedule (starting in January) but here’s what you can expect. It will run for several weeks, giving you plenty of time to complete your quilt while I’m cheering you on. I’ll be remaking the quilt, too, so I’ll include some extra hints and tips along the way.

I’ll do a blog post for every step of the quilt-making process, including basting, machine quilting and binding. So even though you need to purchase the book to quilt along with me, you’ll get even more valuable bonus content, just by following along!

Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson

Click here to get your signed copy of Piece and Quilt with Precuts.

Kits coming soon!

And now for the most exciting news (at least for me anyway), is that for the first time in my history of quilt alongs, I’m going to offer kits, made from my Modern Marks fabric! The beautiful thing about a kit is that although the fabric is the same in each kit, no two quilts will be alike because of your choice of color placement for the blocks. I love designs that work that way.

The fabric won’t arrive in stores until November, but once I get an idea of the pricing and delivery dates, I’ll offer Squiggles kits for pre-order.  Watch the blog for that announcement soon!

Modern Marks Kit Options from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Other kit possibilities – Gridwork, Dot’n’Dash, Arrows (Navy or Aqua)

That brings me to my next idea. Please let me know if you are interested in kits for any of the other 3 quilts: Gridwork, Dot’n’Dash and Arrows (Navy or Aqua). There’s no obligation of course, but if I can get a rough idea of the interest, I may be able to offer kits for those, too. Just leave me a comment letting me know which kit you might be interested in, or you can always shoot me a private email at

And just to reiterate, you can still quilt along with any fabrics you want to use! The kits are just a convenience for those who are interested. I’ll be selling them through my store at and I’ll be able to ship them internationally, too. I’ll make another announcement once they are available for preorder.

Summary Thoughts

So just to recap, I’ll be posting the Squiggles quilt along schedule later this month and will offer kits for 4 different quilts if there’s interest. And remember – there’s nothing that says you can’t make one of the others while we are making Squiggles. I love seeing your progress on any quilt you make!







Piece and Quilt with Precuts: Grand Finale Giveaway and Upcoming Quilt Along

Did you enjoy the blog hop for Piece and Quilt with Precuts? I sure enjoyed sharing all 11 quilts from the book plus 30 more variations made by my friends. To wrap up the blog hop, I have a few reminders, a peak of what’s coming next, and an epic giveaway! So be sure and read through to the end of this post so you don’t miss a thing! Thanks to your support, Piece and Quilt with Precuts is on pace to outsell my other two books, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson

Click here to get your signed copy of Piece and Quilt with Precuts, along with my other books.

Giveaway Winners and Free Bonus Pattern

Today I’ll be notifying all of the winners via email for the giveaways I hosted on my blog. Each of the blog participants will also be notifying their winners over the next few days, or at the conclusion of their giveaway. But not to worry, if you didn’t receive an email notice, you can still click here to get the free Baby Geese Quilt Pattern. Think of it as Quilt #12 from the book!

Baby Geese Bonus Quilt Pattern

Click here to get the free Baby Geese PDF Pattern – Bonus Quilt #12

Baby Geese is made from leftover scraps and “bonus triangles” – those leftovers when you trim off corner triangles. Because we couldn’t fit it in the book, my friends at Martingale have included it on their website as a bonus for anyone following the hop, or purchasing the book (the link to get the PDF is also included in the book.)

Win My Baby Geese Quilt!

And now for the most epic giveaway, one lucky reader (from the US) will actually win this quilt! It measures 43″ x 54″, perfect for a baby gift or lap quilt. Although I love all my quilts and am a little sad whenever I give any of them away, I’d be even happier knowing it went to a good home!

Baby Geese Quilt by Christa Watson

The giveaway is tied in with my next big announcement below, so keep reading!!

Baby Geese Quilt by Christa Watson

I love it when quilts get used – for a picnic on the grass, or for cuddling up!!

Help Me Choose a Quilt for My Next Quilt Along!

And now, for the most fun news, let’s make a quilt together! It’s been awhile since my last quilt-along where I guided you through the complete quilt from start to finish. So don’t you think it’s time for another one?

I want to remake one of the quilts from my book, using my new Modern Marks fabric which will be available in November. You’ll need to purchase a copy of the book to quilt along, but of course you can choose your own fabrics, and change it up however you like.

Modern Marks by Christa WatsonI’ll be working with my new Modern Marks collection from Benartex. I’ll offer bundles & quilt-along kits for pre-order soon, just in case you want to use the same fabrics as me.

Now here’s where I need your help. Please answer these questions in the comments below and I’ll choose one of the answers at random to win the Baby Geese quilt mentioned above! Of course, there’s never any obligation to quit along, and you are welcome to follow along and not even make the quilt! (Or you can pretend to make it virtually in your head!!) But this will help me get started planning the quilt along.

  1. Which of the four quilts below would you like to make along with me? I’m showing them mocked up in Modern Marks, but you can make it in any fabrics you like, of course!
  2. Would you rather start the quilt along in November (when the fabric hits the stores), or in January so we don’t have to worry about running into the holidays? I’m thinking it would be more practical to do it in January, but wanted to give you all the option to choose.

Whichever quilt and time frame gets the most votes (by commenting on THIS post) is the one I’ll choose for the QAL. I’ll leave the giveaway open for a full week (through next Thursday, Sept 7th) so you have enough time to choose. And feel free to share this blog post with your friends, so they can get in on the fun, too!

Which of the 4 Quilts Below Should We Make?

(1) Squiggles

Squiggles Quilt from Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson

This is the version from the book, made from 5″ or 10″ squares.

Squiggles recolored in Modern Marks

This is the version recolored in EQ7 using swatches of Modern Marks

(2) Gridwork

Gridwork from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Gridwork is made from one Layer Cake (10″ squares) and one Charm Pack (5″ squares)

Gridwork recolored in EQ using modern marks

Gridwork recolored in Modern Marks

(3) Dot’N’Dash

Dot 'n' Dash by Christa Watson from Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Dot n Dash from the book (above) – calls for 2 jelly rolls: 1 print, 1 background

Dot n Dash recolored in EQ7

Dot-n-Dash recolored with Modern Marks and Scrappy low volume backgrounds

(4) Arrows

Arrows from Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson

Arrows from the book with a scrappy background – it require a specialty ruler so keep that in mind when you choose which one you’d like to vote for the QAL.

Arrows in 4 colors

Arrows with all one background. Which do you like better: red, navy, cream, or aqua?

Whew! I know that’s a lot of information for one post but I wanted to end this party with a fun celebration, just like it began. Thanks so much for following along, and be sure to keep in touch when you are making any of the quilts from the book. I’d love to cheer you on!