You’re Inspiring Me! See More Quilts Made from my Fabrics and Patterns

One of the best things about designing fabric is seeing how people use it. It’s absolutely inspiring for me when I notice your work using my fabric out in the world. It makes my day! Here are some recent examples.

Geo Pop Beaded Lanterns

Beaded Lanterns by Leesa Burr-Bates; pattern by Christa Watson.

Leesa Burr-Bates shared her Beaded Lanterns quilt top in the Christa Quilts Group on Facebook. If you’re not yet a member of the Group, you’re invited to join us!

Leesa used my Geo Pop fabrics from Benartex. I think she did a great job, and I can’t wait to see this one quilted up!

Click here to get Beaded Lanterns on my free quilt pattern page.
Click here to get the Geo Pop strip roll to make this quilt.

Made from Gridwork Strips

Sheila @mysteryquilter in New Zealand made this top from 2.5″ Gridwork strips.

Over on Instagram, Sheila from New Zealand made a snazzy top from a roll-up of Gridwork strips. This one keeps your eyes moving, doesn’t it?

Check out my Instagram feed.
Find a Gridwork bundle to treat yourself!

Blooming Wallflowers Quilt!

Bonnie Eicher’s Blooming Wallflowers piecing progress.

Bonnie Eicher pieced Blooming Wallflowers from a kit, and it turned out really well! Then she used a simple drawing app on her tablet to try out ideas for quilting.

Bonnie’s auditions for quilting.

Can’t wait to see her finish!

Find the Blooming Wallflowers quilt kit (throw size, 59″ x 76″).
Get the Blooming Wallflowers pattern instantly as a downloadable pdf.
Get the Blooming Wallflowers paper pattern.

Colourful Mod Cats

If you’re a friend of felines, check out these Mod Cats made from a variety of my fabrics. Mod Cat was designed by Linda and Carl Sullivan of Colourwerx in Palm Desert, CA. If you’d like to make one-color cats, my brand new bundles would make it easy: 

Try green or red! 

There are bundles of Turquoise/Teal, Yellow and Orange, too. 😊

And how about this beauty? 

New York Lattice in Geo Pop

New York Lattice by @sewjess, from a kit in Geo Pop from @timefliesquiltandsew

Jess @sewjess posted her New York Lattice quilt top recently.

The fabrics are from my Geo Pop line. Jess made the shop sample for @timefliesquiltandsew. I appreciate it when a shop puts my fabrics into a kit, thank you very much! 

Get a kit from Time Flies Quilt & Sew.

Geo Pop Zip Cases

Quick Zip Cases in Geo Pop fabrics, pattern

These Quick Zip Cases are so handy for storing all kinds of items. And aren’t they cute in Geo Pop fabrics? The contrasting zippers are a nice added pop. The pattern for Quick Zip Cases is from, and it’s just five dollars!

When you use my fabrics from any collection, please post it to your social media with the @christaquilts tag and #christaquilts, or send photos my way using I’d love to see what you’re making!

Ski Weekend and Nature’s Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago, the family and I had the chance to take a ski-trip with the inlaws. My MIL is a lucky gal, and she happened to run into the owner of a ski resort who was passing out extra lift tickets. So she happily agreed to bring up the extended family for a fun ski weekend!

20140320_ski_2014Ski Weekend at Eagle Point, Utah 2014

We had a great time. Our first day was beautiful with sunny skies! It was our daughter’s first time skiing the “real” slopes and she had a blast. Her 2 older brothers have taught her to be fearless and by the end of the weekend, she had even tried a few intermediate slopes.

But what a difference a day makes! The next ski day was quite different – with raging snow and blowing wind, it was all we could do to bundle up and stay warm.

20140320_ski_snowA much colder day full of snow!

The snow day was still incredibly beautiful. Everything had a fresh dusting of snow and all the trees had a beautiful silvery cast. We even caught individual snowflakes and marveled at how they really did look like snowflakes!! (That’s what we get for growing up in a desert landscape!)

During the weekend, I was constantly inspired by everything I saw and want to turn these all into quilts somehow! The ski tracks on the snow looked like a modern white-on-white free motion quilting pattern.

20140320_snowMy view from the Chair Lift 

This snow-covered doormat is just itching to become a modern design:

20140320_ski_matI was even inspired by the clothes a lot of the kids were wearing. This ski outfit totally reminds me of my Spiraling Out of Control Quilt!

20140320_ski_clothesYou can always look to fashion for graphic inspiration!

I just love these simple, graphic shapes, aka warning signs:

20140320_signsJust imagine the possibilities with these simple shapes!

At the end of the first day, we watched a few advanced snowboarders participating in a “trick” competition. It gave me butterflies just watching these amazing skiiers perform their stunts. What an adrenaline rush it must have been for them!

20140320_ski_jumpBut when I stop and think about it, this is exactly how I feel whenever I quilt!