Ski Weekend and Nature’s Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago, the family and I had the chance to take a ski-trip with the inlaws. My MIL is a lucky gal, and she happened to run into the owner of a ski resort who was passing out extra lift tickets. So she happily agreed to bring up the extended family for a fun ski weekend!

20140320_ski_2014Ski Weekend at Eagle Point, Utah 2014

We had a great time. Our first day was beautiful with sunny skies! It was our daughter’s first time skiing the “real” slopes and she had a blast. Her 2 older brothers have taught her to be fearless and by the end of the weekend, she had even tried a few intermediate slopes.

But what a difference a day makes! The next ski day was quite different – with raging snow and blowing wind, it was all we could do to bundle up and stay warm.

20140320_ski_snowA much colder day full of snow!

The snow day was still incredibly beautiful. Everything had a fresh dusting of snow and all the trees had a beautiful silvery cast. We even caught individual snowflakes and marveled at how they really did look like snowflakes!! (That’s what we get for growing up in a desert landscape!)

During the weekend, I was constantly inspired by everything I saw and want to turn these all into quilts somehow! The ski tracks on the snow looked like a modern white-on-white free motion quilting pattern.

20140320_snowMy view from the Chair Lift 

This snow-covered doormat is just itching to become a modern design:

20140320_ski_matI was even inspired by the clothes a lot of the kids were wearing. This ski outfit totally reminds me of my Spiraling Out of Control Quilt!

20140320_ski_clothesYou can always look to fashion for graphic inspiration!

I just love these simple, graphic shapes, aka warning signs:

20140320_signsJust imagine the possibilities with these simple shapes!

At the end of the first day, we watched a few advanced snowboarders participating in a “trick” competition. It gave me butterflies just watching these amazing skiiers perform their stunts. What an adrenaline rush it must have been for them!

20140320_ski_jumpBut when I stop and think about it, this is exactly how I feel whenever I quilt!



8 thoughts on “Ski Weekend and Nature’s Inspiration

  1. Beth says:

    I am a bit tired of the deep snow still covering my yard here in Maine but your experience has encouraged me to use the snow for inspiration. Thanks.

  2. Sandra Walker says:

    Nope, don’t miss that white stuff one bit! I’ll stay here in Florida for a bit yet… Isn’t it cool to look at the world through “quilt-patterned” glasses?! I find myself marveling at the colour palette of Mother Nature too. Good for you to take a break, and I’m excited to see what you dream up in your next quilts!

  3. Christine says:

    I love how you shared the inspiration you saw everywhere! In the busy-ness of my days, and all the rushing around, I forget to look. Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Lou Ann says:

    Love how you get inspiration from everyday(?) items. It shows your passion for design so much that it gets me thinking………..WOW! I love the pic from the ski lift….I can envision a quilt just like that with the skis in it too! What perspective and chance for showing quilting and dimension!

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