QuiltCon – Award Winning Quilts Part 3 – Updated with Viewer’s Choice

Today I am posting the rest of the QuiltCon winners. This show was so filled with inspiration that I’m going home excited, ready to start my next big quilting project.  You can see the rest of the show winners in these blog posts: Part 1 and Part 2.

The viewer’s choice winner has been announced: Overgrown by Alison Glass & Lisa Sipes:

Viewer's Choice

Viewer’s Choice – Overgrown, by Alison Glass of Norfolk, Virginia
Quilted by Lisa Sipes

Minimilast Design Large 1st

Minimalist Design, Large 1st Place – Untitled by Lindsay Stead
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Minimalist Design Large 2nd

Minimalist Design, Large 2nd Place – 2+2 by Collen Wooton
Clinton, Washington

Minimalist Design 3rd

Minimalist Design, Large 3rd Place – Don’t Box Me In by Tammy Vasser
Olathe, Kansas

Minimalist Design, Small 1st

Minimalist Design, Small 1st Place – Pa Kua by Donna Morales-Oemig
Stow, Massachusetts

Minimalist Design, Small Honorable Mention

Minimalist Design, Small Honorable Mention – Helix by Nicole Neblett
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Negative Space Large 1st

Use of Negative Space, Large 1st Place – Trajectory #2 by Megan Dye
Portland, Oregon

Negative Space, Large 2nd

Use of Negative Space, Large 2nd Place – Broken Diamonds by Kati Spencer
Taylorsville, Utah

Negative Space Large 3rd

Use of Negative Space, Large 3rd Place – Rhythm & Blues by Ann Deister
Louisville, Colorado

Negative Space Small 1st

Use of Negative Space, Small 1st Place – Mobile by Elizabeth Brandt
Holland Michigan

Negative Space, Small Honorable Mention

Use of Negative Space, Small Honorable Mention – Shattered by Leanne Chahley
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Handwork Large 1st

Handwork, Large 1st Place – Log Cabin Improv by Sherri Lynn Wood
Oakland, California

Handwork Large 2nd, Judges Choice

Handwork, Large 2nd Place and Judges Choice – Untitled by Lindsay Stead
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Handwork, Large 3rd

Handwork, Large 3rd Place – Dark Star by Maura Ambrose
Quilted by Juliet Gamarci, Austin Texas

Handwork, Small 1st

Handwork, Small 1st Place – Modern Mini by Carolyn Braun
Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

Handwork Small Honorable Mention

Handwork, Small Honorable Mention – Bohemian Confetti by Felicity Ronaghan
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Modern Traditionalism, Large 1st

Modern Traditionalism, Large 1st Place – New Star Rising by Ben Darby
Huntsville, Alabama

Modern Traditionalism, Large 2nd

Modern Traditionalism, Large 2nd Place – Doppelganger by Thomas Knauer
Quilted by Lisa Sipes, Utica, New York

Modern Traditionalism, Large 3rd

Modern Traditionalism, Large 3rd Place – Hannah by Kaite Sciarrano
Quilted by Susan Sciarrano, Portland Oregon

Modern Traditionalism, Small 1st

Modern Traditionalism, Small 1st Place – Lifesavers by Lee Heinrich
Mequon, Wisconsin

The next QuiltCon show will be in 2015 and I can hardly wait!

QuiltCon – Award Winning Quilts Part 1

All I can say is wow! QuiltCon is as awesome as I thought it would be and more. The quilts, the friendly atmosphere, the lectures, classes and more are a dream come true. The show was so well organized that you could tell immediately which quilts were competing in each category. The ribbons are the cutest and most creative I’ve ever seen!

You can see pictures the rest of the quilts in Part 2 and Part 3.

Cute QuiltCon Ribbons

Cute QuiltCon Ribbons

So here they are – the best modern quilts. I tried to get pictures of all the ribbon winners so it will take me a couple of days to post them all. Enjoy the show! (See part 2 here.)

Best in Show

Best in Show – Double Edged Love by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Quilted by Lisa Sipes, New York, New York

Best Machine Quilting

Best Machine Quilting – The Local Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander
Lake Wales, Florida

Judges Choice

Judges Choice – Adrift by Tina Michalik
Quilted by Susan Spencer, Santa Cruz, California

Quilting Excellence

Quilting Excellence – Sing It Out Loud! by Karen Anderson-Abraham
Santa Barbara, California

Applique Large 1st

Applique Large, 1st Place – Flying Saucer by Lisa Alexakis
Culver City, California

Applique Large 2nd

Applique Large, 2nd Place – Rainbow Rocks by Kathleen Baden
Kernersville, North Carolina

Applique Large 3rd

Applique Large, 3rd Place – Retro Modern Shapes
By Heather Davidson, Portland, Oregon

Applique Small 1st

Applique Small, 1st Place – Self  Study #1 by Chawne Kimber
Easton, Pennsylvania

Applique Honorable Mention

Applique, Small Honorable Mention – Needless by Laura Bisagna
Winchester, California

Dear Stella Challenge 1st

Dear Stella Challenge, 1st Place – Charm Squares Baby Quilt
By Melody Baker, Lenexa, Kansas

Dear Stella Challenge 2nd

Dear Stella Challenge, 2nd Place – Not Quite a Shadow by Susan Shore
Quilted by Jessica Sloan, Austin, Texas

Dear Stella Challenge 3rd

Dear Stella Challenge, 3rd Place – A Modern Day Mystery by Lisa Holk
Overland Park, Kansas

Group or Bee 1st

Group or Bee Quilt, 1st Place – Off the B.O.W.
Compiled and Quilted by Krista Fleckenstein, blocks by members of the Bee Liberated quilt group

Group or Bee 2nd

Group or Bee Quilt, 2nd Place – Kelsey’s Crosses
Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild, Missouri

Group or Bee 3rd

Group or Bee Quilt, 3rd Place – Confetti Amongst Friends
St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild, Missouri

And this is just the start! I can’t wait for more quilting goodness tomorrow!