Weight Loss Week 16 – Back on the Bandwagon!

Boy I had a rough week! It started out great with a 2 pound weight loss last week, but then I got cocky, tired, busy and stressed, and things really went downhill! I ran 6 miles on Wednesday and then did the classic exercise blunder – I thought I could eat whatever I wanted that day!

Big Mistake! One day of bad eating turned into three, and one night of bad sleep and no exercise lasted for 2 more days.  I am a stress eater and once I had fallen off the wagon, it was mighty hard to climb back on.

I was nearly on the verge of giving up when I remembered that I had to have something to write about today! So at the last minute I decided to straighten up my act. I was super good on Saturday and Sunday, did a really hard workout this morning and minimized what could have turned into a disaster. I did gain .2 pounds but earlier in the week it could have been much more. My total weight loss is 19.4 pounds so far and I am so close to 20!!

So here are this week’s tips on how not to have a repeat disaster:

1. Don’t give up – no matter what! Even though my bad day turned into a bad week, I stopped it from becoming a bad month! I reevaluated my goals for this week into something achievable, as in stopping the bloodletting and getting back on track!

2. Sleep, sleep sleep! – I’ve mentioned sleep before, but that is the number one factor for me on whether I’m able to get up the next morning and start my day off on the right track. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, it’s nearly impossible for me to function the next day and that leads to further bad habits throughout the day.

3. Be accountable! – I don’t know how many times I’ve saved myself from quitting because I have to be accountable for my goals. My workout buddies will get mad at me if I skip out on more than a day or two of exercise. And I have 15 weeks now of blogging and journaling under my belt to catalog my weight loss journey. I can’t stop now!

I sure hope this week turns out better!

Weight Loss Week 14 – Surviving Vacation

I was in vacation mode last week while we were at Hermosa Beach, California with our family. It was the best time I’d had in a long time but I still had to be careful not to throw caution to the wind and give up my healthy habits for a week.

Last Week, I lost weight before I left, and today I’m happy to report that I kept it off, and then some. I lost .6 pounds this week for a total of 17.6 pounds. I’m almost halfway to my goal! Here are a few tips on how to survive a change in routine while on vacation:

1. Eat lots of fresh produce. Early in the week we stopped at a local farmer’s market that was just a short walk from the beach. We picked up fresh fruits and veggies and used those to snack on and cook with all week.  Sure, we had some treats, but we we rented a beach house that had a full kitchen and kept our eating out to a minimum!

Fresh FruitFarmers Market Veggies

2. Find fun ways to exercise on vacation. The boardwalk in front of the beach house included miles and miles of smooth cement for rollerblading! It was very kid friendly and safe. I also ran barefoot on the beach with my oldest son. I’ve always wanted to try that and I found that I really enjoyed it!

Rollerblades are fun!Barefoot Beach Running

If I had a beach at home, I’d do this every day! I wonder if there are any beach marathons?

3. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Well, I still have a little too much of it – that’s why I’m working so hard to lose it! But I did feel much more comfortable in my bathing suit this year. This is the suit I bought when I lost my first 10 pounds. I still have another one waiting for me when I get to the next 20!

Christa & Jason at the BeachNow that I’m home again and back to a regular routine, I hope to have another great week!

Christa’s Soapbox – Have a Me Party!

Beach HouseThis week we went to the beach for a family vacation with my husband’s parents.

We stayed in this cute little house with a wonderful view of the ocean. We’d sit out and watch people go by on the board walk, then hop over the gate to play in the surf and sand whenever we wanted.

While on vacation, I had a little “Me Party”!

Trail RunI decided on this trip, in between visiting with family, watching the kids play, and relaxing with my hubby, I wanted to carve out a little alone time to do some of the things I enjoy.

I started off each morning with an invigorating run before the rest of the family was awake.

I found this great trail not too far from the beach so I tuned in to my iPod and tuned out the world for a few miles. Then I didn’t feel so guilty later when we ate all the yummy family treats.

After checking my emails for the day and making sure things were running smoothly at the shop back home, I’d relax and catch up on some good reading while the kids played.

Beach Reading

Sewing by the SeaI was “sew” inspired from all the good quilting books I read this week. But instead of waiting until I got home to start on some projects, I brought my little Singer Featherweight along with me!

I sewed together all of the strips for my Jolly Jelly Roll quilt tutorial I’m starting this week. Any vacation is lovely when I can incorporate some stitching into it!

And I’ll admit, I’ve never had a more relaxing time while sewing on a binding!

Binding at the Beach

I finished up my Li’l Rascals charm quilt in the late afternoon, when the wind picked up and the volleyball players came out to practice. This truly was a little bit of heaven on earth!